Modern Home Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

Modern Home Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2018

It’s the best time of the year to get the old design out and welcome the new trends in interior design. If you are looking for a new home or trying to revamp your old home, there are certain remodeling and new design trends you should consider this year.

Rich colors

One of the new trends is to add bright colors to your home. Although white is the classic color for kitchens, the latest trend is to play with hues and rich colors. Try to work around with warm colors that could give a good comfort. Play around with warm gray, rust, and earthy colors which would give a soothing feeling.

Designer ceiling fans

When you are remodeling your home, consider replacing your old fans. Modern designer ceiling fans with lights are the current trend. They use the latest state-of-the-art technologies and provide nice airflow. They feature contemporary designs like curved and contoured blades for a stylish look. Most of the fans use LED lights which helps you save a significant amount of energy every day.

Bathroom sinks and fixtures

Bathrooms shall see a change this year. The more common white and stainless-steel sinks are the old style. These sinks could be replaced with concrete, stone, and granite sinks which would give that farmhouse type look. The good old gold and brass fixtures are making a comeback. Copper and rose gold were the common materials in fixtures. This is being replaced with brass this year.

Homeowners will love those brass or gold toned bathroom fixtures which give more warm and sleek feel when compared to that of shiny chrome metal fixtures. These fixtures go well with warm gray paint colors in the bathroom. Try some light bars with wall scones. Also add small pendants to these fixtures. For larger bathrooms try out chandeliers just above the big bath tubs to enhance aesthetics of the bathroom.

Floral prints

Oversized graphic floral prints are the current trend. People are happy with these tropical floral prints in their bedrooms. Add more colors to these big floral prints on your bed sheets and pillows. These floral prints have made their way to the furniture as well. Oversized blooms, lilacs, and large floras are being used on wall art and furniture.

Floral prints are also used on dining chairs, giving them an elegant look. Geometric patterns too are in trend. Mix and match these geometric patterns and floral prints to give a great décor to your home.

Retro fixtures

Retro fixtures are making a comeback this season. Try out those vintage chandeliers and lanterns in your living rooms. There are many lighting styles that you can use in these areas. It gives a real luxury and a relaxed feeling.

Kitchen and bathroom tiles

If you want to refresh your kitchen or bathroom tiles, then try out some of the contemporary styles which look like wood, resin or wallpapers. Concrete has really been the trend setter. Many of the kitchen countertops will look good with this marble material. Marble is already used for flooring. Now it has found its place on kitchen counters. You can also use it in home accessories like lighting pendants and fixtures.

One interesting change is the shape of tiles used in bathrooms and kitchens. There are a lot of shapes to choose from… hexagon, diamond, Moroccan fish scales, etc. with cool colors and textures. These tiles can be used for bathroom floor and shower walls.

Another trend is underfloor heating which could be used with different flooring options like tiles and vinyl. This technique could turn your cold bathroom tile into a beautiful warm soothing floor.

Bedroom décor

Homeowners are opting for modern bedrooms. These rooms will have minimal set of furniture and fixtures. Try those neutral, soothing colors that would give a contemporary look to the bedroom. Set up your bedroom with soft fabric beds and minimum number of furniture pieces. Earthy shades of clay and terracotta are in vogue. Patterns featured on pillows, cushions, and serveware sets are inspired by traditional block printing. Textile is a big thing this season with lots of embellishments and appliqué details.

Shelves and furniture

Shapely furniture seems to be a new hot trend this year. It looks classic and comfortable. Velvet sofas and pillows are making a comeback with bold colors like emerald greens and blues. Open shelves have become the style of the season. A nice little open shelf would really look amazing in the kitchen or a living room.

Use of wallpapers

Using wallpapers is one option this year. There are varieties of digitally printed wallpapers that give a great impact. With these digital prints, you can think of playing around with saturated colors and large motifs which give a unique touch to your living room. There are different textures available like silk and grass cloth. You can also go for hand painted wallpapers to enhance warmth of the space.

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