Micro-concrete – How it differs from concrete and micro-cement

Micro-concrete – How it differs from concrete and micro-cement


Many of us use the term microelement in place of micro concrete. We think that they have no between them. However, to say clearly, there are minor differences in them. Common people misunderstand these two materials. It is your choice, whether you have to use micro-cement or micro concrete in Belgium.


Similarities between two materials

The concrete based material, micro cement, can be used for various surface types, including the vertical and horizontal ones. With the help of this material, you can develop a highly resilient and decorative finish. In this respect, micro concrete causes confusion in your mind. This product is also based on cement, and you can apply it for diverse types of surfaces.

Thickness level of the materials

The major difference lies in their thickness level. While you look for the thinner one, micro-cement can be the better option to you. The thickness of one layer of coating with micro-cement ranges from 0.8mm to 1mm. Thus, the professionals apply two to three coats of micro-cement. However, many of them also use six layers. Micro cement is applied mainly for the aesthetic purposes. Moreover, to apply it, you have to make sure that the base is smooth. For instance, glass, metal and tiles are the best bases to be treated with micro-cement. The professionals will be able to inform you whether this material is the right choice for you.

Micro-concrete differs from concrete

The conventional or regular concrete is also different from that of micro concrete. For applying the former one, you have to acquire special skills and use machinery.

Process for applying micro concrete

We have talked about the steps for using micro concrete

  • Preparing the surface is the most important task. You have to clean and wash the surface for removing the dirt, gravel and dust.
  • Take a vessel for preparing micro concrete. Usually, 1:8 is the right ration of blending water and micro concrete. Add that little amount of water very slowly, and stir it constantly.
  • After blending them thoroughly, you have to apply the solution to the concerned surface. While you have poured it uniformly, you can leave the surface to get it dried.

Thus, the above information will help you to realize that micro concrete is different from other materials.  You may speak to the professionals for choosing the best option.


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