Light up your house in the right way – Few expert tips

Light up your house in the right way – Few expert tips

We’re all aware of the fact that lighting is everything in a house as without the proper lights fitted at proper places, your house wouldn’t ever look as good as it should. Lights play a role in creating the environment and ambience of a space and it is only with the best lights that you can turn a space into a cosy living room or a reading room. Regardless of whether you use a flickering flame light bulb or an incandescent bulb or a candle or an LED, you should know the tips to create a home that’s well-lit.

Here are few of the tips that you should follow if you want to illuminate your room in a perfect way. See what the experts have to say.

  1. Take into account the height of the ceiling

Before you choose hanging light fixtures for your room, it is vital for you to check the height of the ceiling. While there are few lights which have rods and cables that can be adjusted, few others don’t. Never get stuck with a type of light which hangs either too high or too low. The experts follow a rule where the bottom of the light should hand 12-30 inches below a ceiling which has an average height of 8 foot. Add 3 inches for each added foot of height of the ceiling.

  1. Chalk out a plan for everything

Consider the preferences of lighting during your initial building phase or during the renovation. For instance, in case you wish to install 3 pendant lights on top of the dining table rather than 1 or 2, this should be well-planned out before the start of the construction.

  1. Consider table hopping

Do you have a dream of hanging a light over the kitchen island or over the dining table? If answered yes, then 28-34 inches is the best distance from the bottom to the surface of the island or the dining table. Nevertheless, the size of the light will also make a big difference in the height. If the light is small, it can be moved lower and on the other hand, a larger light can be kept at a higher top.

  1. Pull out the swag in you

In case you wish to add new pendant lighting but you wouldn’t like to deal with the hassles of hefty expenses, you can pull out cord swags as this can be a rather stylish solution. You can just hang them loosely over a hook or a bar or you may also secure the cord tightly over the ceiling for achieving the industrial look.

  1. Know the extent of glow you want

Only choosing the light fixture shouldn’t be the sole consideration as the kind of light bulb is equally vital. LED bulbs come in a wide range of cool and warm hues, almost like the color of your walls. Hence, consider the extent of glow that you want.

Therefore, if you’re someone who is going to get the best kind of illumination for your home, you can keep in mind the above listed points as shared by interior decorators and experts.

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