Ladah Law Firm- A Partner in Providing You Justice!

Ladah Law Firm- A Partner in Providing You Justice!

On the horrific night of October 1st, 2017, a gunman open-fired at a huge crowd attending the Route 91 Harvest festival that was taking place in Las Vegas. The incident lasted for over 72 minutes and killed over 59 innocent people. In addition to this, more than 527 people were reported to have sustained major or minor injuries. The gunman named Stephen Paddock was residing in a hotel named Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. This was the exact place where he started showering bullets at the crowd. This mass shooting has been considered a fault in the security system of the hotel.

How Was Mandalay Bay Resort Responsible?

The Las Vegas Metro Police department recovered 23 guns and over a thousand rounds of ammunition from the shooters hotel room after he was caught. He had rented the hotel room a week ago and had been collecting arms and ammunition in it. The hotel is responsible because the authorities allowed him to sneak such big arms and ammunition inside his hotel room over the course a few days. The hotel’s lack of security and the responsibility towards the residents lead to this tragedy. Since it is clear that the Mandalay Bay Resort was responsible for this tragedy, which causes harm to you or your loved one, you can ask them for a negligent security claim. The Ladah Law Firm can be your partner and supporter in this process.

How Can The Law Firm Help You?

The law firm specializes in taking the cases of personal injury and all the lawyers in the firm have been practicing the personal injury cases for years. Once the hotel is proven guilty, you or your loved one can easily get their claim in no time. You would need to prove four things to strengthen your case:

  1. You suffered a lot of damage due to the mass shooting in Las Vegas.
  2. The hotel’s lack of security was directly connected to the injuries that you have suffered.
  3. It was the duty of the hotel to look out for you and ensure your safety.
  4. The security in the hotel was not enough to keep you safe and also was the reason for the attack.

There is a lot of work that goes into researching for these cases, and you would obviously need a law firm that can assure you that they will get you your claim by any means. The Ladah Law Firm can be the best choice for all your cases. They have a special helpline number for the victims of the Route 91 Harvest Festival mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas. Since the hotel has already been proved to be at fault for lacking the proper security services, establishing a connection between the incident and your injuries or losses should be done by professionals like them. So, contact them for any queries or visit their websites and fight for your rights with the right partner to guide you.  


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