Insights to an Electrical Contracting Business

Insights to an Electrical Contracting Business

In this world of fast pace economy where the customer is touted as the king,  electrical installations and contractor companies are not judged, by how well the job has been completed, but a lot depends on the timely completion and their quick response time to any problems encountered by the clients.

To achieve high workmanship, expertise and necessary professionalism a Prime Power company also needs to have the following processes in place. These are:

The correct mix of the team:

Having a right mix of people working on the project is of utmost importance. It not only affects the total time taken to complete the work but can also affect the profitability. Another decision needed is the use of subcontractors, if there is any shortfall of workers which can delay a project.

Sticking to schedules:

For the timely completion of a project, it’s important to stick to the project timelines developed by the project manager. This helps to avoid any unexpected delay in the project. If the project has an end date, then the schedule is created working backwards from the end date factoring in the buffer weeks.

Sharing of timelines:

 Since the work of different players working on a construction site is linked, it’s essential that the electrical contractor should share their timelines with them like the construction people or the carpentry team so that they also know when they have to complete their work and deliver to the electrical team.

 Prevent micromanagement :

Though it’s good to have a project plan for successful completion of the business, it’s very important not to put every small detail on the paper. This micromanaging can become a nightmare for the project leader as most of his time would then go in updating the different spreadsheets rather than spending time on site with his people.

Acknowledgement of milestones achieved:

Achievement of milestones on the project timeline gives a sense of accomplishment to both, the team working on the project as well as to the client. Its proper documentation and reporting keep the project on track as well the team motivated for successful completion of the entire project.


 Sometimes, even with all the necessary precautions taken, things might not move as planned and expected. Hence,  it’s very important, to be honest with the client and appraise him with the delays and own up any mistakes committed. This helps in building confidence and good relationship with the client.


Communication plays a very important role in the completion of any project.  Any friction built between different stakeholders can be solved by talking to each other, to de-escalate the friction.

Prime Power Electric is one such company which is committed to maintaining exceptional standards of quality, customer service and is focused on successful completion of all its projects by following all the softer issues which if ignored,  can cause a project to go out of hand.


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