Incorporate Steel into Your Home’s Interior Design

Incorporate Steel into Your Home’s Interior Design

Steel is most often thought about as a construction material to build frames and add strength. When it is seen, it’s most often in larger commercial or industrial spaces. However, steel can add some unique beauty, character, and extra functional qualities to interior design for one’s house. Stainless steel makes an obvious appearance in the kitchen, but explore some other possibilities here to add bold, modern elements to various rooms in the home.

Steel Ceilings& Walls

A steel ceiling fan is a clean and functional highlight but why not go further with ceiling tiles? Along with copper and bronze, steel makes beautiful tiles when plated with tin that feature various finishes or embossed designs for a historical look. Present a mixed or solid mosaic design. Or, go for a more modern feel with dominant ribbed steel beams.

As for walls, steel can sometimes be spotted as backsplashes in kitchens or bathrooms, but entire walls fashioned from steel tiles can be a striking, stand-out feature of a living room or bedroom. Pair with the right lighting and the reflective qualities can be truly beautiful.

Steel Stairs

Add surprise and delight with steel staircases, like the totally unique set shown above. Spiral staircases and steel go together well, especially mixed with glass and wood. And railings with solid construction or artistic designs add attractive character to a room instead of feeling ‘in the way’.

Steel Doors

In addition to being durable and of quality construction, a steel entry door provides incredible insulation and adds energy efficiency to the home. Casa Bella Windows & Doors designs and manufactures top quality steel doors that are resistant to rust and corrosion, feature an aluminum sill system to eliminate frost transfer and a self-draining design, and are installed with full perimeter compression weather stripping to minimize heat transfer. They also have an eco-friendly polyurethane core (100% CFC-free) and a range of looks to suit your style. Check them out and visit Casa Bella Windows & Doors to learn more about additional options.

Steel Furniture

Couches and chairs with exposed frames made of steel can go a few ways: from minimalist to modern art to futuristic. A glass coffee table top placed on a steel base mashes-up bold with classy. Steel sculptures can be incorporated into functional units. Mix materials like steel and wood for a rustic spin. Show your creative side with side tables and dining room tables with artistic steel designs that are surprisingly supportive, like the pictured Quantum Table by Jason Phillips.

Steel Kitchen

Stainless steel is a common sight in the kitchen but consider adding other steel components, too. Stainless steel cabinets and counter tops can give your kitchen the look of a professional chef’s. They’re also easy to clean and heat-resistant.A steel island complete with a secondary sink and plumbing, plus tonnes of drawers and cupboards for storage, is a dream for those who love to experiment and have a full arsenal of tools and gadgets. And stainless-steel elements mixed with colourful appliances, counters, or cupboards combines retro with chic.

Get creative with where you feature this durable and sometimes environmentally-friendly material that is surprisingly versatile!

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