Important Questions to Ask Before Engaging an Architect

Important Questions to Ask Before Engaging an Architect

Selecting your architect is not a decision you should take lightly. The person you choose will be the brains behind the project, and should be a good listener, an invaluable solver of problems, and also the one keeping track of your budget. Below are some questions to use as your starting point in order to get the best candidate possible for you and your home.

#1: What Are the Greatest Attractions and Challenges of This Job?

Architects might have an amazing portfolio and good references. However, that does not show how they will approach the project. During the first interviews, ask them about their personal vision for your project:

  • What is working now, and what exactly could be improved?
  • How will a part that is remodeled blend well with other parts of the house?
  • What exactly will be the greatest challenges?

The answers you get are very important, but you will also need to use these initial conversations to ensure you get a good rapport as well as ensuring that all your personalities are compatible.

#2: Do You Own A Signature Style?

Some architects, like architecte Stendel + Reich , take pride in their adaptability, which gives them the ability to tailor all their styles to properly fit each customer and house.But some still have an overriding sense of design which they bring to every single project. For instance, an architect may be an expert in sleek modernism, historic houses reinterpretations or beach cottage feels.

By discussing the architect’s signature style up front, you could decide if it is the best fit for you.

#3: Who Will Have My Project Designed?

Unless you want to hire a sole proprietor, there is a very good chance the individual you meet at first is not the one who will be handling the real design work.

That is okay, as long as you properly understand it up front. Because communication is very crucial for a successful job, you have to meet with the lead architect prior to hiring the firm.

You will also be interacting with this individual a whole lot, so be certain to get relevant contact information, and ask to get meeting schedules with mutually acceptable times.

#4: What Kind Of Project Management Services Do You Offer?

Architects could do much more than just come up with the blueprints and design. They can also:

  • Manage the project
  • Assist you in hiring a contractor
  • Check the contractor’s work as the job goes on
  • Make good design adjustments as the work proceeds
  • Review all invoices to make sure that payments do not exceed your budget

#5: What Is Your Charge?

Architects normally charge a percentage of your total project cost, anywhere between 5%-20%, but it depends on the services rendered, the job complexity, as well as the popularity of the architect. Ask about the percentage which the architect will charge for the project, and how and when payments should be made and are due.

Do note that architects normally bill monthly, beginning as soon as they start work; however, most up-front home design work occurs before you hire a contractor and understand the total project cost.

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