Humidity and Air Quality in Our Home

Humidity and Air Quality in Our Home

The humidity inside our homes is manifested differently depending on the type of humidity, but if they have something in common is the degeneration of the air contained in them.

The quality of the oxygen that we breathe inside our homes is seriously affected if we have an excess of humidity.

The Bad Smells?

From the bad smells that we can find in a house with moisture problems, a very typical smell that we usually find for example in country houses that have been closed throughout the winter months, to the existence of small microorganisms such as mold and mites produced by the condensation in spaces with lots of insulation and little ventilation.

Ventilating the house every day for around 10 minutes is an awesome help to pull the polluted air out to the outside; In this way the renewed air is installed in our house, improving its quality.

Good ventilation, however, does not prevent the presence of fungal or mold-like microorganisms, nor will it “cure” a wall or ceiling that has become saturated with water, as is the case with moisture produced by capillarity.

In addition, sometimes ventilate the house every day is not an easy task, especially in the snowy months in which rain, cold and strong gusts of wind make the task impossible, thus finding ourselves with poor quality from the air.

Another element with great influence on air quality is pets with hair. It is inevitable that they end up letting go and moving from one place to another.

Final Words

To enjoy a good quality of air at home, there are Air Treatment Systems, which not only are effective in the elimination of dampness by condensation, but also provide us with an unbeatable quality of air.

These systems work by taking air from the outside, through filters that do not let contaminated air pass, and blowing it into the interior of the house so that the contaminated air is replaced several times a day. They are especially indicated for families with babies and seniors who are more exposed due to their physical characteristics.

These air treatment systems and Mold Remediation are part of some treatments carried out by damp companies and are highly effective, but it is not necessary to have humidity at home to upgrade oxygen quality and enjoy a clean and warm environment.

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