How to Start Anew After Major Flooding in Your Area

How to Start Anew After Major Flooding in Your Area

One of the worst things that can happen to your home is for it to experience massive flooding. Whether the incident is caused by a significant leak, a water pipe breakage or heavy rains, flooding can cause a lot of damage to your property. It can cause you a lot of work to clean up after the mess. Here are some tips that can help you quickly recover from this devastating situation.

Try to assess the damage

The first thing to do is to take a good look at your surroundings and assess the overall damage caused by the flood. The most critical step is for you and your family to get back on your feet in the quickest time possible. Try to assess what things you need to let go of and what items are still worth saving.

Clean up your place as soon as possible

Start cleaning as soon as the flood water subsides. Make sure to check for any signs of snakes, rodents and other animals that can cause harm. Use the right kind of protective gear such as rubber gloves and rain boots when cleaning the place. There may be scattered shards of broken glass that can cause injury, and contaminated flood water can also cause skin disease and leptospirosis caused by rat urine and fecal matter. You can also use plastic goggles to prevent dirty water from entering your eyes, which can be a potential cause of eye infection. Buy a lot of cleaning materials such as brushes, soap, detergents, and antibacterial solutions to thoroughly disinfect your entire home.

Throw out or get rid of damaged furniture

Sad to say that there will be some pieces of furniture that you need to throw out. You need to get rid of soaked bed mattresses, foams, and couches as soon as possible. Bacteria accumulated from flood water might linger in those things even after washing and disinfecting them thoroughly. You might need to shop around after you’re done cleaning the house and look for discount living rooms and other items to replace the old and damaged furniture.

Have your appliances fixed or replaced

Some household appliances can still function normally even after flooding. But before plugging it back into the wall outlet you need to bring it to a reputable electrician to have it cleaned, inspected and tested to avoid accidents and electrical short circuits. In case some of your electronic appliances won’t work anymore, the next action plan is to replace them with brand new ones.

Talk to your neighbors

Do not forget to reach out to your neighbors and offer any kind of help. Some of them may have worse damage and might need a lot of helping hands to get things back to a normal state as soon as possible. You can offer food, water, extra clothing, and medicines. If your house has a second floor, then maybe you can offer your place to some neighbors. They can stay for the meantime until things get better.


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