How to Re-Love Your Old Kitchen

How to Re-Love Your Old Kitchen


If you’ve been living in the same household for a long time it can get boring, so to fall back in love with the place, you need to decorate it with the appealing look you desire. In some cases, maybe you might be the owner with no budget to renew the kitchen or a tenant with no clue what to do or how much to do about it. When in a house, the look of the kitchen speaks volumes more than other parts of the household, so it needs to look fresh at all times being the heart of the home.

Best Tips to Make Your Old Kitchen Look New

When dealing with the kitchen, there are so many more places to spruce up than you might think:

  1. New Pulls and Handles

This is one of the most important aspects that people forget. Using the same handles for an extended period can be monotonous, so a new touch is needed. You need to start with all the kitchen cabinets and doors too. It will also add to the whole package if you are replacing kitchen cupboard doors. When making choices of what handles and doors to go for, focus on the best colours and styles that match the rest of your kitchen.

  1. Eliminate the Darkness

If your kitchen is smaller, to do away with this feeling, lighten the kitchen walls with bright coloured paint. If you don’t want to paint, the other solution is to add more lighting to your kitchen. There are LED strip lights suitable for installation under cabinets and shelves. Use energy-efficient incandescent and replace outdated lighting fixtures.

  1. Ornaments

Spruce up your kitchen with some added ornaments representing the things you love. Add photos to the walls or artwork and buy some nice plants in pots to add greenery to the area.

  1. Cabinet doors

Most people never think about replacing kitchen cupboard doors for maybe they dismiss the idea or think it’s too much work, but replacing them can give the place a whole new look. You can remove the current one and exchange them for glass-panelled ones, or more traditional or modern, depending on your style. This will make the entire kitchen look new. If you don’t like doors, you can remove them and give the place a shabby-chic, open plan look.

  1. Hideaway items

If the kitchen is small, you need to put this storage approach in to use, for it’s a creative one. If the furniture can be put out of the way when not in use, this means the kitchen will look larger and neater. Hideaway furniture can include backless bar stools which can tuck under a breakfast bar or table. You could have a roll-out cabinet or drop-down table. These allow you to have to space you need.

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