How to Protect Your Commercial Property From Thieves and Vandals

How to Protect Your Commercial Property From Thieves and Vandals

Your commercial property requires extensive security.  It has more vulnerable spots than a house, and for that, you’ll need to invest in a state of the art security system that covers the various blind spots so that thieves and vandals will think a thousand times before attempting crime.

Add to that; employees are not very concerned with protecting it as they mainly care about their work. It’s up to you, the management to get them to buy-in your security plan for it.

Investing in security cameras

CCTVs are a must to protecting your facility. They provide lots of information, and it is accepted as evidence if ever things reach the courts. It makes people think multiple times before committing a crime. Some of these cameras can be connected to alarms and will only start recording once these signals are activated. Place these cameras in weak spots in your office as well as all entry and exit points in the building.

Commercial locks and keys

It’s critical you get hold of Katy Texas locksmith services which include the provision of commercial locks and keys. They provide heavy-duty materials like hardened metals to ensure your office is kept safe from intruders and thieves. You can then ensure only the right personnel have access to these keys.

Keep all the master keys securely and do not allow anyone to make duplicates.

Secure the perimeter

Part of your security system is to secure the building’s perimeter. This means you should place fences and security lighting to deter burglars from taking a chance on your office. There should be an alarm system in place to help warn the guards that there has been an intrusion into your commercial space and even the presence of vandals.

Also, your perimeter should still provide visibility from the outside. So trim the plants or remove things that can obstruct the view. This will make it easy for roving police or those that pass by the property to see if something terrible is happening.

Here’s a good tip: put stickers on the alarm system around your property so that it can act as deterrence to those plotting to steal from your property.

Take care of the Carpark

Sometimes, thieves want to steal the company’s vehicles since thieves can sell them a reasonable price. Place CCTVs at all entry and exit points of the carpark, and you should have roving guards that watch over it regularly, including night time.

Secure your windows

Look to invest in burglar proof windows as this is an entry point to your office. You can install polyester security film to make it difficult for thieves to penetrate using your windows. You can even put sensor alarms that trigger when the window glass breaks.

Get property insurance

This one is important. Despite all the precautions you can take, it’s possible for your property to get still infiltrated. Reliable property insurance will protect you from steep losses and give you a peace of mind.

Final thoughts

Commercial property security is a serious matter and must be undertaken by management to protect the assets of the company and of course the jobs that it has created. Creating an efficient security system is quite an investment, but it will give your business peace of mind for many years.

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