How to make your House Warming Party Exciting for the Guests

How to make your House Warming Party Exciting for the Guests

Moving into a new house would entail a world of feelings. You would be happy to move into a new house, excited to show it to your loved ones and friends, and anxious about choosing the best moving house cards. Among the several aspects that you have to consider, you should not fret on organizing the house warming party.

You may wonder what the house warming party invite should entail. You should turn up the fun factor and make your house warming party a memorable event.

Let us consider a few essential aspects you could add to your house warming party invitations.

Adding a party theme to the invite

By adding a theme to your invite, you would raise the bar for organizing a house warming party. You could choose a suitable theme for your house warming party. You could stock the bar and serve your favorite cocktails. The guests may bring gifts such as glasses, shakers, coasters, liquor, or wine. You could add other themes suitable to your needs such as crafting and gardening.

Setting up the bar

You could add the bar set up to your invite. However, when you set up the bar, consider keeping it away from the front door. The table could be ideally placed at a central location where it is easily accessible for liquor, glasses, soft drinks, and napkins.

Keep a simple food menu

It would be in your best interest to keep the food menu relatively simple. While most of your cookware still in the boxes, you should look forward to ordering bite-size foods that could be kept at room temperature. You could also add pre-cut fruit, cookie platters, and cheese. It would be in your best interest to make use of paper plates. Using recyclable materials would save time cleaning up. Paper plates are strong and suitable for the home warming event.

Getting your house in order

Now that the invite has been sent, you should consider keeping your house in order. You could begin with the living room, which is likely to be the party spot. It would pay you largely to keep your living room organized.

Setting up a grand tour

The major reason for inviting your guests to the house warming party is to make them see and praise your new dig. You should not let everyone wander alone. It would be pertinent that you guide them through the house. You could also tell the guests about your plans to decorate the different rooms of the house.

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