How to get a broken key out of the lock of your Cibolo Texas home

How to get a broken key out of the lock of your Cibolo Texas home

Living in Cibolo Texas has it’s advantages. The local parks are beautiful. Main street is a lot of fun. However this wonderful area has its frustrations.

Breaking your key in your lock is usually a cause of wear and tear. To avoid this, you must check your keys at least once or twice a year to ensure that it is not prone to bending. If you notice it getting weaker, then you should have a new one cut as soon as possible or call a Cibolo locksmith to run maintenance on your existing lock. Should your key break inside your lock, the first thing you should try to do is to keep calm and assess the situation.

Here are some helpful tips to get the broken key out of the lock:

The first method you can try is tapping gently in the top or the back of the lock with a hard object. Use sharp force but not too hard so that you damage the lock. The point of this is to try to knock the key out of the lock by this hitting motion. It may not work completely but it may slacken the hold of the lock on the key. Apply some WD40 as well, or any type of oil.

Depending on whether there is enough of the key protruding out of the lock, you can attempt to pull it out yourself. For this, you would need a nose clip pliers or a pair of tweezers. If you have the hands of a surgeon, that is, hands that are steady, only then should you attempt this. You do not want to push the key further into the lock with shaky hands. If you were successful in retrieving it, breath easily because now you can get a copy made, that is, if you have a spear key.

Another method, only because of pure desperation, is using crazy glue. Again, this is not to be done if you do not have steady hands. If super glue gets into the keyhole, you might as well throw out your lock and get a new one. Apply superglue to a hard object and place it on the protruding key. If there is no protruding key then this cannot be attempted. Hold firmly until the object sticks to the key. Once it is dry, turn the key gently in the direction you would when removing it from the lock, and then pull the key out.

If all the above methods fail, then you would need to call in the professionals. A locksmith in Cibolo will know what to do. Lock services in Cibolo are skilled in handling these situations and maybe should have been your first form of action. If the lock is compromised or damaged, be prepared to fork out the money for a new one and pay for installation as well. If the lock is very expensive, you can ask the Cibolo locksmith to have it rekeyed rather than replaced. To avoid more damage to the lock, depending on whether it is a door lock, ask the locksmith if he can remove it entirely from its place rather than him drilling into it and causing further damage.


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