How to Design Freestanding Tubs like a Pro

How to Design Freestanding Tubs like a Pro

Freestanding tubs were famous during the Victorian times, but the charm of the standalone bath still enamours people today. Because it can stand on its own, one may consider it flexible bathroom furniture instead of just a fixture.

Besides convenience, having a freestanding bath that can be installed in any corner of the bathroom makes interior designing within reach of DIYers. For those who need inspiration, here is a list of ideas on how to design a freestanding bath and the room it is in:

  1. Place it in the shower room

If your house has a slightly larger shower room as opposed to the trending shower pods, then squeezing in a small freestanding tub not only saves space, it also makes transferring from a shower to the tub convenient. After all, who does not want to soak in a hot tub after a quick shower, after an incredibly exhausting day?

  1. Give it a nice view

The best thing about these tubs is their ability to be able to stand anywhere—it can be the corner of the room, the middle of the bathroom, and even be placed next to a window with a view. Setting the tub next to the window and using lighter curtains also makes the room appear brighter and airier, besides the boost in aesthetic appeal.

  1. Use a low table or a chair

Placing a low, long table or a chair next to a tub makes it more convenient for its users to reach out to things like a book, TV remote control, or a cup of tea. Since freestanding baths make the perfect makeshift spa at home, having a table makes it niftier.

  1. Contrast and make colours pop

Tubs usually come in neutral and cool colours like black or white. Having pop pattern rugs, or placing the tub near a bright curtain gives enough contrast to make the bath pop out.

On the other hand, using earthy or boho tones like brown make the tub blend in, not pop, but is as aesthetically fantastic as the contrast.

  1. Challenge yourself

Since freestanding baths are relatively mess-free compared to their built-in tub counterparts, placing non-water resistant furniture nearby is an option. Having a couch nearby is akin to a spa; a mini bar for your favourite drinks, a bookshelf, and basically, anything imaginable is doable.

Maintenance is the key

Freestanding baths make it easy for homeowners to enjoy their bath time to the fullest, convert the bathroom into a spa for the weekend, and bring out the inner interior designer in them.

No matter how one decides to design one’s bathroom, a well-designed room can only go a long way if it is maintained properly. Thus, it is highly recommended for residents to be consistent in keeping their bathroom furniture and fixtures, such as shower pods, steam showers, or freestanding tubs, clean, well maintained, and of course, aesthetic.


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