How to Declutter Your Homes and Reclaim Your Life

How to Declutter Your Homes and Reclaim Your Life

Is your home an absolute pigsty, is there stuff everywhere and anywhere? Well not to worry, we wrote the book on how to declutter fast. (Well, maybe not ‘the book’ per say, but certainly ‘the article’) Your house will thank you for looking and feeling clean and fresh.

I’ll admit it, I’m an absolute Decluttering fiend. Sometimes I love to take a week, and spend an hour or so a day charging through the house with a bin bag and a vengeance to destroy clutter.

Decluttering is an integral pillar of a well-designed and decluttered home.

Start in the Worst Room

We’re gonna jump right into it, and tear into that horror room that you always dread to clean thanks to the bits of tat littered around the place. I have found that it is often to kitchen. In my house we come into the room via the kitchen, so there’s always old shoes and other bits of stuff all over the place, sometimes you can’t even see the concrete worktops.

When you make a start on the decluttering, you’ll start to build momentum and feel better about the whole debacle. Imagine how you will feel when the whole house is clutter free – boom!

Throw Away the Rubbish!

Things which are obviously trash are the first things that need to be thrown away. Use that bin liner i mentioned and start clearing out – take it in to overdrive and throw it all away. Anything that is broken and is unrepairable throw it out – be ruthless.

Don’t Get Distracted

You may think, oh now is a great time to get the caccumming done! NO! Don’t get destroyed and forget about why you started this! You’re here to declutter and kick ass! Target larger items and junk is going to make such a big difference to the decluttering cause – much bigger than sweeping will.


Be honest with yourself – are you EVER going to use that half missing box of dominos again? Do you really need that ugly ceramic pig? Donate it to charity or toss it – ain’t nobody got time for that.

Find a Home for Everything

Everything in our house should have a place. A place for everything in its place! Getting organized can help in keeping your house free from clutter. A with these simple tips you can declutter and transform your house into a 1st class home that you deserve to live in!

Remember while it’s great to ‘be ruthless’ on the declutter mission, waste is certainly NOT good – ask yourself the following questions?

  • Can you Car boot it?
  • Can you EBAY it?
  • Can you Donate it to charity?
  • Can you Recycle it?

Make sure all things are disposed of responsibly in the correct manner – you can check your local council’s waste disposal and recycling policies online!


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