How to clean your bathroom?

How to clean your bathroom?

Bathroom cleaning task may not inevitably be in the higher list of liked functions by most of the people, but regardless of all, it is essential to do to get rid of the lurking germs. Considering all that we put on a regular basis in sinks, showers, tubs, and toilets need to have special cleaning attention. If we missed to travel over the cleaning process, then there will be a chance of facing hazards.

The bathroom is not just a place where we clean ourselves but instead it is a place where we kept our lotions, potions and different glitter face paints as well. Keeping our bathroom is not only our duty but a necessity as well as it is the place from where we usually start our day and hence serve as one of the critical aspects for good health as well.

Calling house cleaning service is the easiest way to get rid of the lurking germs, but it adds a burden on your pocket as well. Several modern plumbing fixtures have been now designed to simplify the task of cleaning as much as they can. We are providing you here some of the tips that you can easily use upon to make your bathroom neat and clean.

Clean up the mess: It is always better to clean your bathroom rather than calling a house cleaning service for the same. It is a straightforward task that you can easily do it by yourself. All you need to do is to start up with cleaning the mess that doesn’t belong to the bathroom such as clothes, cups or trash. Make sure to clean up under the little side tables or cabinets as well if you have placed any.

Use disinfectants: It is the second task that you need to do while cleaning up your toilet. The toilet seat is one of the first places that are affected by the lurking germs. You can pour some bleach or disinfectant into the toilet bowl for sanitizing it.

Clean up the dirty areas: Remove all the dirt that has been collected into the cobwebs of your bathroom and then clean up the floor as well. If required you can also make use of toilet broom and brush as well for the same. Place a dustbin in the bathroom and collect all the waste materials as well.

Clean surface: Once done, next you need to clean up different surfaces as well such as walls, windows, and ceilings. If required, use the disinfectant solution on it as well and allow it to rest for a couple of minutes.

Clean Shower: Shower is one of the leading bathroom accessories that is being mostly used and ignored for cleaning at the same time as well. You can also use disinfectant on the shower walls and shower head for removing all the strains from that particular area.

Clean up sink, counter area, mirrors, and exterior of the toilet: Sinks, counter space, mirror and surface of the toilets are one of the accessories that grab the attention when it comes off the task of bathroom cleaning. You can use soap scup for cleaning these areas. For the mirror, you can use the cleaner, rinse it and wipe the excess water off with a towel. Don’t forget to clean up the flush handle with a cloth soaked in disinfectant cleaner.

Scrub the toilet bowl with toilet brush and flush: It is one of another most essential task that you needed to be done with extra care when comes it off bathroom cleaning. Use disinfectant and keep it stay for an approx half hour to get the best results. Once done, you can use a toilet brush for sanitizing it. Clean the toilet bowl correctly and then flush it off.

Clean the floor: Last but not least is the task of sweeping and mopping floor. Also, make sure to keep your bathroom tidy.

Wait, if you are going to call for a house cleaning service for your home. The bathroom is one of the first areas of your home that need to be clean on a regular basis. We have provided you here a few tips that are inevitably going to keep your bathroom neat and clean without making many efforts.


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