How To Clean Kitchen Graters?

How To Clean Kitchen Graters?

Graters are versatile kitchen accessories for countless of reasons. However, cleaning a grater is surely not the easiest things to do unless you know the best tips to clean kitchen graters.

In this piece of information, we will be accessing some easy steps to clean kitchen graters.

  • One of the best ways to prepare a grater before grating is to apply some olive, nut, or a different salad oil to the serrated edges that will be used to grate. This not only provides a well-oiled surface that facilitates smooth grating, but it also ensures easy cleaning once the grating is done.
  • To clean kitchen graters, you can use a toothbrush. It can be used along with warm and soapy water to remove onion, cheese, and citrus rind in an easy and effective way. Once this has been done, you can put the kitchen grater stand on a space lined with kitchen paper or dish draining boards so that the water can run clear of the grater. You may alternatively place the grater in a warm oven for 10-15 minutes.
  • A dishwasher may be your best bet to clean a kitchen grater. However, it is important that you first make sure that the grater or zester is dishwasher safe before you toss it for a cycle. It is also recommended that you skip the dry cycle, especially when it comes to cheese graters as this can bake on any left behind residue. You can instead remove these leftover bits by using of a microfiber cloth.

These cleaning steps can be used on graters of all sizes and shapes, from citrus and nutmeg graters to large free-standing graters.

You may even try out having a halved lemon, a small bowl, dishwashing liquid, a microfiber cloth, and 2 to 3 tablespoons of salt. The first step will involve pouring the salt into the bowl and then proceeding to dipping the cut end of the lemon into the salt. Once this has been done, you can easily scrub the kitchen grater with the salted lemon and then let it sit for 4-6 minutes. You can now rinse the grater under extremely hot water to clean off any remaining residue or lemon juice. The kitchen grater can now be washed off using a dishwashing liquid, a microfiber cloth, and water in the same way as dishes are cleaned but it is important to make sure that you wipe the grater in the opposite of grating (the direction of the blades).

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