How To Choose The Best Accessories for Your Fireplace Mantel?

How To Choose The Best Accessories for Your Fireplace Mantel?

Decorating your fireplace mantel according to the season, when not in use, is one hell of a taxing job! Sometimes, you want to personalize it to the core, but sometimes, you just want it to seem too cluttered with personal touches. There are a plethora of ideas available on the internet to decorate your fireplace mantel. But this season, you just have to remember three words for the same: Dazzle, Frame, and Own. Accessorising your fireplace mantel has never been so much fun! Read on for more.

  1. Dazzle it

Without overdoing the decoration or making it seem too Christmassy, you can choose to add some glitter to decorate your fireplace mantel. You can choose to install metallic pieces or accessories for a classic touch for spring mantel decoration. Make sure you do not add much glitter to the activity. You can also opt for a bronze fireplace tool kit that can be put to use in any time of the year, or if you do not like bronze, go for copper. Add a frame accent mirror of the same element just above the mantel. It creates a brilliant effect when the sunlight reflects both the mirror and the copper.

  1. Frame it

If you want to cast a natural look to your fireplace mantel, you can add a graceful and functional design to your fireplace. Choose materials like wrought iron, brass, and nickel, these definitely complement your home décor. If the fireplace in your home seems way too traditional, put a fireplace rug along the hearth. The rug will act as a natural boundary and a perfect space for your pets to relax at the end of the day.

  1. Own it

Design it in your own way to create an amazing focal point for your favorite space in the house. You can prefer to use a single block letter to initialize your fireplace mantel or put candles along the top or inside the hearth if you wish to create a romantic ambiance. Fashion an austere mantel for the spring and summertime, but it takes up a lot of work. But make sure to have a lot of fun by accessorizing the fireplace mantel by creating a simple, bold and trendy design you desire.

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