How To Choose Plantation Shutters

How To Choose Plantation Shutters

Are you seeking a budget way to enhance your home decor? If so, consider ornamenting your windows. Although numerous window treatment options exist, plantation shutters (blinds) are a great way to beautify your windowpanes. Without shelling out too much, you could get the desired look. However, you need to do some legwork before heading out to shop. First of all, let’s understand what plantation coverings are.

Plantation shutters in a nutshell

Also referred to as plantation blinds, they’re interior coverings with a wide louver. The louvers range between 3.5 inches and 4.5 inches. It’s the wideness of the louvers that render the shutters a pleasing look, which works perfect in dining rooms as well as bedrooms. However, these lovely shutters also work well in dens and kitchens.

Types of plantation shutters

Now that you know a bit about these beautiful coverings, you may want to get familiar with their types. Obviously, you’ll find these coverings in many types. Some of the popular ones are explained below.

Composite shutters

Also called fake or faux wood, composite shutters are crafted from engineered wood, which is mostly MDF wrapped in vinyl or PVC coatings. They are highly durable, barely sustain damages, and offer strong resistance to humidity and other conditions. If you’re prowling for an economical alternative to wooden shutters, then composite shutters should be your obvious choice.

Vinyl shutters

These are the most affordable versions of plantation shutters. In case you’re on a slim budget, vinyl shutters ought to be your choice. However, the low-end ones may have certain structural problems. It’s best to check them thoroughly before making your choice. Although they don’t feature wood, they could have aluminum or PVC supports for stability.

One good thing about vinyl coverings is they offer great resistance to weather. As such, they make an ideal fit in areas that are susceptible to harsh weather conditions. Some of the commonly used vinyl shutters include solid vinyl, structured hollow vinyl, hollow vinyl, and vinyl-clad wood.

Wood shutters

Wooden window coverings have always been a preferred choice of medium to high budget shoppers. In this respect, basswood is the gold standard. It features the most optimal strength to weight ratio, and this is why it’s light as well as strong. Also, wood can be honed into custom shapes and sizes.

Additionally, you can paint or stain wood, which isn’t an option with vinyl and composite shutters that come prefabricated with colors. Wood shutters mostly stand out due to their durability and elegance. In case you wish to add classic coverings with a style statement that will last for years, wood shutters should be your option.

Measure your windows

After getting familiar with the types of plantation shutters, you may want to hurry up to the market to make a purchase. However, your job isn’t finished yet. Shopping without doing some preliminary work will land you in a dilemma due to a hasty choice. To avoid such a situation, measure your windows beforehand. Figure out the shape and size of the windows, and jot down the measurements. That will avoid embarrassments when shopping around.

Decide the color and theme

Assess the theme of your home and windows. Also, determine what colors will go well with the current theme. A little bit of imagination and creativity should help out.


Once you’ve done some preliminary homework, plan a budget. A planned budget will keep you from overspending. Also, it’ll keep you within your buying limits and optimize your finances when choosing shutters.

Bottom line

Plantation shutters are an ideal way to renovate your home windows. However, you need to do some homework beforehand. Stick to the above advice while shopping and you could have your hands on the right shutters well within your budget.

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