How to Choose a Plant Hire Company

How to Choose a Plant Hire Company

Typically, heavy machinery is used for commercial construction projects. However, more and more people are turning to plant hire for other types of projects. Diggers like these are in high demand, because they reduce the expenses associated with hiring extra manual labor. They complete the work much quicker as well. If you’re a homeowner or DIY enthusiast, who is thinking about hiring heavy machinery to renovate your home, take the following things into account before choosing an equipment provider:

The Range of Machinery

There are several sizes of diggers. Normally, they are classed as mini, large and micro diggers. If you need intense digging capacity, you would require the largest machine. Nonetheless, be aware that large machines will be difficult to fit in the restricted space of your garden.

If you require a garden digger, a micro digger is the best solution. These machines weigh roughly one tonne, and can dig anything between 1.5 to two meters. Mini diggers are somewhat bigger than these. Normally, they can dig between two to 2.5 meters, and weigh roughly 1.5 tonnes.

Large diggers tend to weigh between three and eighteen tonnes. These heavy duty beasts are not for the faint hearted. They have a deeper digging capacity than mini diggers, and – due to their amazing dimensions – can shift huge amounts of weight. As already stated, these machines are not really suitable for gardens in residential properties.

The Value of an Operator

If you are new to operating a digger, it is always best to hire an operator. With an experienced operator working for you, you can finish your project faster and more effectively. If you are dead set on operating the digger yourself, be sure to allow at least a couple of hours to learn the machine’s intricacies. This approach is not advisable if you are pushed for time.

Selecting a Company

When searching for plant hire providers, you should consider several things before parting with your money. Research the company’s reputation, track record, and the standard of machinery provided. Read reviews from previous customers as well. Details relating to the level of customer support offered by the company will surface, as you carry out your due diligence.

Possibly, the most crucial factor when selecting a company to hire is the standard of machinery they have available. Make a note of any problems you experience with the machinery, during your hire period. Otherwise, you might be liable for repair costs.

If you wish to spare yourself the effort and time of researching companies, and would prefer a recommendation from us, try FGS Plant. This provider has been in operation for fifteen years, and is known to deliver a hassle free, top quality service every time.

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