How to Choose a Commercial Overhead Door

How to Choose a Commercial Overhead Door

Do you need a garage door for your home or a new door for your business maybe? Before you finalize that decision, it is essential to consider some options. For example, the factors you need to consider for a home garage door may not be the ones you look for in a commercial building. When buying an overhead door for your home, you could consider a quiet door which may not be necessary for a commercial building. Overhead doors are normally made of different materials such as metal, wood, and glass.

Categories of Overhead Doors

Before we discuss factors that you should consider when purchasing a commercial overhead door, it would be important to consider the available commercial doors in the market. Some overhead doors that you can choose from include rolling steel doors, service doors, security doors, fire doors, insulated service doors, accordion doors, sound doors, wind loaded service doors, and more.

What to Consider When Choosing a Home-based Door
When selecting an overhead door for your home, some critical factors you could look for include:

  • Aesthetics: With dwellings, doors can significantly enhance your house exterior and improve your home appearance. Therefore, you would want to choose a door that will enhance your overall home appearance with choices like frames, colors, glass, decorations, and more.
  • Material: The material of the door will, of course, affect aesthetics. For different effects, take into consideration the available materials. For example, aluminum overhead doors have a modern look and feel while wood doors could complement older styles.
  • Maintenance: Some garage doors require high maintenance while some only need minimal maintenance. Thus, if you want a door that needs just a little servicing, you may need to consider non-wooden materials.
  • Noise: With home environments, you cannot really select a door that generates a lot of noise. You, therefore, need to choose a quieter door – one that will work without much noise to the neighbors.

Factors to consider when Choosing Overhead Doors for Commercial Purposes

As earlier mentioned, selecting a door for your commercial building differs from a home-based door. For example, aesthetics aren’t as important. Some factors you may need to focus on for an overhead door for commercial purposes include:

  • Energy efficiency: Energy-efficient doors help reduce energy and overhead costs. This is important for your building as it helps to bring down your overall operation costs.
  • Security: Certain types of commercial buildings including shops and warehouses will require protection against theft. That said; if security is vital for your business, then you have to choose a door that provides you with the security you need. Doors with thermal seals, bottom weather seal, and so on could be good options.
  • Size: Most commercial premises require doors that can accommodate big loads. In such a case, you need to go for a large door – about 40 feet wide.

If you are looking for an overhead door, let the factors outlined above offer you some guidance. But more importantly, ensure that the door is strong and secure.


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