How Filmmakers Use Blackout Curtains

How Filmmakers Use Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are popularly used by shift workers, parents and light sleepers because they block nearly all the light that might be affecting their sleep. They are also good though at insulating against sound coming in, which some people do not realize until they have used them. For this reason, as well as being used by home and property owners for windows in bedrooms and theater rooms especially, they are also popular with filmmakers, both professional and amateurs.

There is a lot of expensive equipment involved in film making so it is important to take advantage of cheaper alternatives that are just as effective when you can. Blackout shades or curtains allow filmmakers to block out light as needed, soundproof an area and do a range of other duties too. When you have so much to remember in terms of gear, set and equipment it can make things easier when something does more than one job for you! Plus these curtains roll up and are easy to carry and store. Here is a look at just some of the things you can use blackout curtains for when making films.

  • Well, clearly they are very useful as their intended purpose, to block out windows when you do not want the light from a window affecting your filming.
  • To block light from doors or other open spaces. When you get them for a home people tend to use them for windows, but when the light or sound coming in from a door is not wanted, blackout shades are a good thing to have.
  • To hide anything in the background. Have a brick wall in the background that you do not want on film, cover it up!
  • You can use them to create part of your set with.
  • You can use them as curtain props.
  • You can use them to cover items that need protection from the weather or from dust and dirt if you are filing outside.
  • You can use them to add more soundproofing to where you are filming if there are unwanted noises filtering in.
  • They are good too for creating negative fill.
  • You can use them if you are cold outside or to kneel on!
  • They can be used to protect sensitive equipment during transportation.
  • They offer those filming inside them privacy or a place to change clothes if needed.

There are many different types of blackout shades so just choose whichever you prefer. If you are going to be using them just as sound and light blockers find ones of good quality that can block around 99% of light. If you are going to have lots of uses for them then maybe go for something less expensive that you do not mind getting dusty or being moved around a lot. Be sure to get something that is fire-retardant though since usually when filming there is a lot of equipment that can get hot as can the set lighting.


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