Fire bricks, its unique qualities & uses

Fire bricks, its unique qualities & uses

Fire bricks are refractory ceramic-material blocks. Refractory materials are those that do not react much or respond much to treatments. They stand stress well and therefore are used in managing tough situations or conditions. Firebricks being refractory in nature are very tough. They are used in scenarios of high stress –especially temperature related stress. Firebricks are used as protective layers in many applications. They are made out of fire clay (fire clay is a kind of mud clay having high alumina content). The colour texture of firebricks is usually light and whitish. Let us take a detailed look on the specific qualities owned by fire bricks and its uses.

Unique qualities of firebricks

The three unique qualities of firebricks that force you in gathering them from Fire Bricks supplier in India are:

  1. Firebricks are tough
  2. High insulation capacity of firebricks
  3. Firebricks have high melting point

Firebricks are tough

They are tough. They are strong enough to be used as construction materials and withstand immense amount of pressure.

High insulation capacity firebricks

They have very good insulation capacity. They are good heat insulators and are applied in many situations to prevent or reduce the heat conduction to outer layers / areas outside the firebrick region.

Firebricks have high melting point

They have high melting point. The same make them suitable in applications where a huge amount of temperature is involved – in moulding or manufacturing materials.

Firebricks applications & uses

The above three qualities of firebricks make them useful in many different scenarios. The five major applications of them are in:

  1. Fireplaces
  2. Wood fired ovens
  3. Kilns
  4. In building construction


Fireplaces use firebricks extensively. This is to prevent the heat from spreading intensively to the outer walls. The outer area of the fireplace is kept comparatively cooler in this way. There are firebricks having 18-20 % alumina content in them. These firebricks provide enough insulation and are suitable for fireplaces.

Wood fired ovens

Traditional pizza ovens are mostly made out of wood. But they too use firebrick linings on the inner and outer constructions (to the sides of oven chamber).  The roof and the cooking floor of the oven chamber are also lined up with firebricks. The durability of wooden ovens is increased via firebrick linings. Such linings help the ovens last long too.


Tasks like vitrifying clay properly & making the clay non-porous demands high temperatures inside kilns. The inner layers of the kiln will be having very high temperature because of the same reason. Firebricks having high melting point are used in such high temperature areas. Some kilns use firebricks not only in the innermost areas where temperature is too much but also in other areas. At times the entire kiln structure is constructed (basically) using firebricks. You can use firebricks of around 40 % alumina content to withstand temperatures like 1800 to 2200. Soft firebricks used with kiln doors – to block them up – while firing. These soft bricks provide enough insulation and can be removed easily (as are less durable).

In building construction

Firebricks are refractory in nature. They withstand high pressure and stress. Therefore they are used in building-constructions. They act as good insulators and have high melting points. The same is the reason of using them as building blocks for constructing walls, pavements etc.

Fire Bricks manufacturers in India provides you with firebricks – that vary in their alumina content much – suiting a variety of needs. Understand the temperature resistance demanded and then buy firebricks suiting such demands (having the right amount of alumina content in them). Buy firebricks and use them in building constructions too. They are highly refractory in nature and the same makes the constructions – made out of firebricks – strong and long lasting.


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