Everything You Need To Know About High Pressure Water Jetting

Everything You Need To Know About High Pressure Water Jetting

What do you do when there’s a blockage in your sewer or drain lines that just won’t budge? Deeply embedded clogs or entangled roots, chunks of ice or sediment are all problems that homeowners and business owners will say are most frustrating. Yet, there is a way to remove the headache with high pressure water jetting.

Here is everything you need to know about high pressure water jetting and how to tell if it is a solution for your plumbing problem:

About High Pressure Water Jetting

Developed in the 1950s, high pressure water jetting is a technique that has been used in a variety of ways. Nowadays, some water jetting systems are completely computerized and need no human control whatsoever. Other systems can be attached to an engine to be used in your home. Many industries are even utilizing high pressure water jetting as an eco-friendly way to wash stick-on residue from machinery or for cutting certain metals.

High pressure water jetting is when accelerated and pressurized water is used to cut through solid materials that would be tough to remove otherwise. The pressurized burst of water happens when quickly moving liquid is pushed through a hose to a tiny orifice at the nozzle. When this happens, the pressure behind the nozzle increases, accelerating the speed of the water as it bursts through the nozzle head. The pressure created ranges between 10,000 to 25,000 psi (70-170 MPa).

The “water” doesn’t have to be pure water either. It can be a mixed solution of abrasive materials, cleaning solutions, or other chemicals. Because of this, you could see high pressure water jetting also offered as “abrasive jetting” and “pure water jetting.”

When To Use High Pressure Water Jetting

  1. Coating removal and surface prep

The main use of high pressure water jetting is to clean surfaces and break through build-up and blockages. In terms of plumbing, any type of pipe or line, be it municipal drain, city sewer, or household piping, can benefit from high pressure water jetting. The pressure and stream can be adjusted to meet the needs of the job. Other ways high pressure water jetting can be used is to removing old coats of paint or smoothing out.

  1. Hydro-demolition

As a more environmentally-friendly alternative to jackhammers that doesn’t disturb the entire neighborhood, high pressure water jetting can be used at construction sites. Demolition of stone, concrete, brick, and other hard surfaces can be broken down by high pressure water jetting.

  1. Preventative maintenance for sewers

High pressure water jetting is ideal for breaking up clogs and removing sludge from the pipe walls. It’s a great way to maintain sewers and other forms of plumbing. High pressure water jetting doesn’t require hazardous or harsh chemicals, so it is also affordable.

  1. Machining

When the nozzle is set right, high pressure water jetting can be used as a water laser to cut through metals, plastics, stone, and even Teflon when set to a high temperature.

To conclude, high pressure water jetting is a budget-friendly alternative to other methods of removing blockages in sewer lines and storm drains in both residential and commercial plumbing. Whether you have a deep blockage that is hard to remove, or you want an eco-friendly and quiet alternative, high pressure water could be right for you!

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