Essential Tips to Remember When Putting Up Your Christmas Light

Essential Tips to Remember When Putting Up Your Christmas Light

Sometimes, we get a little confused as to what design are we going to choose to achieve the best Christmas décor that we want. If you got so much love for decorating, you’ll end up realizing that it is the tiny details that make your home more unique. Just like when you are choosing the perfect lights that would complement your other home decor, it might give you a hard time as to where it would be best to place them. But don’t worry! We’re here to guide you with the things that you should put in mind when putting up your Christmas lights.

Here are the tips that you should follow in hanging your outdoor lights this  Christmas. You should not miss these tips!

  1. Do Not Neglect the Instruction Found in the Box


Having a plan is the best thing you can do first. It is important that you have planned where to put or hang your lights. There should be the closest outlet to your eave in which you can put the male end of the strand of your first bulb. To extend the line accordingly in the exterior of your house, have it stretched tightly. It is best if you have your lights being clipped in the gutter so that it will not slink up the roof. No need to worry because these gutter clips are not expensive at all. It is advisable to use a cautious extension wire to connect the lights from the outlet.


Include in your plan to measure the areas that you would like to decorate. For this reason, you can estimate the length of the strand and how many of it you will need.  If you noticed, almost everyone likes to have their lights to be placed along windows or gutters of their houses. Since there are no regular strand lengths, you can have regular-size bulbs that have typical distances between each bulb. It would be better if you choose a strand that has an extended space in between the bulbs because it would let more light to show up that creates a warm ambiance that looks good in the eyes. So, choose for C7 or C9 size bulbs and has a space of 6 – 8 inches from each other.

Additional tip: Have your lights cover in a can before storing them. This would help you not to experience difficulties dealing with dreaded strands.


For you to find out how long will you be needing in your lighting, you have to divide first the tallness of the stem based on the spacing that you want. The ideal spacing for this is 3 inches. After that, multiply the circumference you got from the trunk by the number you have chosen. When everything has been estimated, you can proceed the next move now. You can now let your lights hang in your tree. In each pass, have a 6 inches spacing in between. Proceed with the wrapping of the branches. When you are done, you can go back those empty spaces to fill in. By following those steps, you can achieve the 3 inches spacing. Let’s take for example, if your trunk as the height of 6 foot, so its circumference is 2 feet. Have the 72 inches to be divided by the length of the spacing which is 3 inches. When you get the answer, which is 24 inches, multiply it to the circumference of 2 feet.  The answer would be 48 feet long.

Bonus Tip: If you want to put some christmas lights on the real trees at the backyard and don’t have time for that, you can hire somebody to let the the work done. Some companies offer services like outdoor lighting in Houston, TX. That way, you can achieve your beautiful backyard without going through the hassle of climbing a tall tree.


Fuses tend to blow up because of moistures that get into the strand of the lights. To avoid this, all you have to do is to have the ends of the strings loosen with an electrical or duct tape and have each connection sealed.

  1. Hideous Delight

Your choice of light colors and the number of it can make a big difference that reflects your festivity. Remember to contrast the size of the spaces of the bulbs. For your gutter, choose a strand that is multicolored. The icicle lights are best for this to be placed on it to make it more attractive.

Tips: Bigger than C9 bulbs are best to be placed on your gutter and roofline. Also, c7 bulbs are better to use on the edges of the windows.

Moreover, to look more creative, have your mailbox and bushes wrapped and spread lightings over it. Don’t ever forget when having these designs, make sure that these would not blow up. We also discourage having animatronic lawn designs.

Don’t forget: Have the ends of the strands taped to a hoop. This would make the light tree a well-balanced one.

The Minimalist One

If you just want to keep it simple, all you have to do is to have a real pine and have its garland. Place it outside your house. Just 2 feet away from the door, place an E17 LED warm-white and make sure that it will hit the garland.

The Usual One

As we could observe, the usual get up for Christmas is usually having these white colored lights placed in windows, along with the rooflines, or in the bushes found in your house. If we would like to follow this design, have it consistent.

Remember: White LED lights have three varieties. First is the pure white. Second, the polar white that shows off an icy-blue tinge. Lastly, the warm-white that imitates the glow of the usual incandescent bulbs. In addition, do not choose bulbs that are pure white. It will just make your house looks like a vast headlight.

Basically, it is best when we have it mixed. The warm-white strand and polar white goods look together. You can have the warm-white color placed in the gutter and have them counterbalance with polar white strands.

Furthermore, bear in mind to decorate your home accordingly. Having those even spaces of light rays will attract more eyes of those who pass by your home.


Transparent. These are colored mini bulbs with visible filaments.

Incandescent. These are the classic ones and the base of the bulbs are filament that gives a heartfelt glow.

LED. Its lifespan is twice longer than the incandescent. It has the ability to appear emotionless.

Wide-angle LED. These are LED lights which tips are concave that gives light.

RGB LED. Programmable diodes that can display almost any color.

Net lights. These are small LED lights or mini lights in a webbed circuit.

Ceramic. These are opaque and looks as if they have been painted.

GLOBE. These are LED lights in a bulb that shapes like a globe that makes it cool.

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