Heated floors by Heavenly Heat is a luxury worthy of the modern home. The radiant heating system is of two kinds electric and hydronic. Even though you might be aware of the difference between them, it is crucial to know the pros and cons of both the systems before deciding on which type of radiant heating system you would like to opt for.

Why you should opt for Electric Heating System?

A series of electric cables and mats which conduct electricity are built into the floor, in an electric radiant heating system. As it does not make use of hot water, this type of system is perfect for those houses which use the forced air heating systems. It is the ideal choice for heating up small individual spaces like a particular room, kitchen or even the bathroom.

If you are looking to install a floor heating system to your house then an electric heating system would be the best option as it can be easily installed and is ideal for renovations as one need not do the whole house in one go. The labour costs of installing this type of heating system are also low. Once it has been installed you can set the temperature accordingly to your liking in order to avoid heating the rooms when the house is empty.

Why you should not opt for Electrical heating system?

As the name suggests this type of heating system makes use of electricity in order to heat up the floor. This turns out to be not so cost-effective in the long run especially in comparison to the hydronic heating system. Though it is ideal for smaller spaces, installing this in larger spaces like throughout your home can be a cumbersome task and not very ideal. In case you are planning on renovating your house or building a new one, this is not the ideal option for you.

It is ideal for smaller spaces as electrical radiant heating systems have been designed specifically for additional comfort rather than being the primary source of heat. So it does not come recommended to install this kind of heating system throughout your house.

Why you should opt for Hydronic heating system?

In a hydronic heating system, hot water is made to pass through the pipes which are laid down under the flooring in order to heat up the floor. This system is efficient and consistent as it has an even temperature throughout the year. Hydronic systems are highly recommended, especially those houses which make use of hot water as the primary source of heat reason being that hot water can easily be diverted into the floor without carrying out more installations.

Once it has warmed up your house, it takes very little energy to maintain the temperature. This feature makes it highly efficient. There are also no visible ducts in your house. As this system does not primarily use electricity to generate heat, it is more cost efficient.

Why you should not opt for hydronic heating system?

The installation costs of the hydronic system are significantly higher when compared to the electric system. Though you can easily install it on your own in the smaller rooms, it is not recommended to do it on your own but ask a professional to install it for you. As it has been specifically designed to be installed on a large scale, you should be prepared to install it in the whole house otherwise you might experience difficulties.

If you are one of those people who likes to constantly change the temperature of their house multiple times a day, then this heating system is not for you. It has been designed to provide consistent heat. This might not be a great option for you if you like to constantly change the temperature. Choosing the right kind of heating system can be a tedious task. But the choice should be made keeping in mind the drawbacks and lifestyle choices.

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