Do’s and Don’ts of garage conversions

Do’s and Don’ts of garage conversions

Concrete garage conversions are extremely common especially during the springtime as many homeowners are looking to prepare their garage for the summer. Often, a garage’s full potential isn’t taken advantage of as much as they could be but conversions are a great way to do exactly that.

There are untold ways that you can convert your garage to use it to its full potential and fully benefit you and your family. As long as you have the imagination, you will be able to convert your garage into almost anything you put your mind to.

Common examples of concrete garage conversions include spaces for leisure such as a games room, man cave, home cinema or playrooms for children. This is because a garage provides a secluded space that is detached from the rest of the house which allows you to relax. Similarly, this also is the same reason why garages are also converted into spaces for work such as home offices as there are little distractions.

If you are planning on converting your garage, there are many tips and pieces of advice you should take into consideration. There are also many reasons why you might want to convert your garage and these tips will surely help.

Don’t knock down walls

If you have walls inside your garage they can be an extremely important part of the structure of your garage. If you absolutely have to remove any walls make sure to consult a professional to ensure it won’t cause any irreparable damage to the support.

Don’t cover ventilation

When you are converting your garage, it can be tempting to cover everything that doesn’t fit with the interior design of the rest of your room. But you should make sure that you don’t cover the ventilation of your garage, especially if it doesn’t have any windows. The vents allow for a circulation of clean and fresh air throughout your garage so covering them can be very dangerous.

Do make sure its safe to convert

You need to make sure your garage has the safe structural soundness to be used regularly for spaces of leisure. If you will likely be spending a lot of time in a converted garage as opposed to using it just for storage there will be some safety precautions you need to take. If you have crumbling walls as a result of long-term damage that hasn’t been fixed, you should consider restoring it before you make any drastic conversion changes.

What garages are suitable for conversions?

Fortunately most types of garages are suitable to be converted; garages such as single garages, double garages and extra height garages are great. Professional specialist companies such as Dencroft Garages design, manufacture and install a range of suitable garages which are perfect for all your conversion need and requirements.

If you are looking to invest in a new garage with the plan to convert it make sure you use a reputable professional to install your garage. With companies such as Dencroft Garages you can also specify any specific needs or requirements you may have beforehand.


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