Does the Radiant Floor Heating System Work well with Vinyl?

  Does the Radiant Floor Heating System Work well with Vinyl?

Most of the people like to use luxury Vinely Tiles in their bathrooms and kitchens due to its easy to clean, slip-resistant, and waterproof features. Most people visit the Heavenly Heat with one query; can we use a radiant floor heating system under Vinyl? The answer is “Yes, you can”. Luxury vinyl flooring can be used safely with warm-up under floor heating system such as Karndean and Amtico ranges.

The flooring experts have done numerous researches and tests on vinyl floors. According to their research result, the heating system does not cause any shrinkage, discoloration or any impact on the appearance of vinyl tiles. It means that the under floor heating system has no impact on vinyl flooring.

You can get professional services from Heavenly Heat if you intended to get installed radiant floor heating system under Luxury Vinyl Tiles. They make it possible for you now to live in a warm without wasting the heat energy.

Temperature Restriction

There is temperature restriction if you want to use vinyl floors with radiant floor heating system. The temperature should not exceed 27 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, you can use a thermostat to indicate the floor temperatures with a vinyl floor.

Moreover, you should spend money on that type of thermostat which saves money on your property’s heating bills. You can use a smart thermostat that suits your lifestyle perfectly.

Choose The Right Type Of Heating System For Vinyl Floors

There are two alternatives for you if you have chosen vinyl tiles:

  • Low voltage electric floor heating system: that works well with vinyl floors and do not pinch your budget.
  • hydronic radiant floor heating system: it is ideal for intense remodels a house or making a new house.

Choose The Right System

This is the most crucial factor that you must consider before you purchasing and installing any heating system. The system should provide adequate heat output to give warm and comfortable environment in your home. To examine the efficient performance, ensure that the whole thing beyond the heater including the underlay, final floor finish and overlay must be under the suggested limits. For illustration, the U-value shouldn’t fall below 4.0, tog should exceed 2.5 and the RSI must not surpass 0.25. Your heating system must meet these requirements; otherwise the performance level of the entire system will go down and will not work efficiently.

Therefore, it is important to take advice from a professional before installing an under floor heating system.


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