Different Californian Garage Doors That You Can Try For Your New Garage

Different Californian Garage Doors That You Can Try For Your New Garage

Garage doors come in different styles and designs but if you are living in California, there are specific styles that you need to choose from. They are available in various layouts that will give a whole new look to your garage door. In fact, there are different colors too that you can choose from and they are perfect for indoor or outdoor garages. Wondering what the different styles or layouts are?

Here’s a brief description that will help to understand:

Californian garage doors

Californian garage door in itself is a style that needs no real hype. It is one of the most popular garage door styles and because of its simple design and easy to install feature, most of the car-owners prefer to have this type of garage door for their garage. The layout is pretty simple and you can choose any layout according to the size of the car and the space of the garage that is available.

Types of layouts

Before you know the different sizes of the layouts, let’s take a look at some of the different layouts that you can choose from:

• Nature

The maximum width of this layout will be 16’2”. It has got one single vertical stile installed right at the center. So, the garage door will look like a cupboard with many drawers placed side by side.

• Total

Unlike the nature layout, total does not have any kind of vertical stile. It has got horizontal stiles only. The maximum width that this layout can offer is 9’2”.

• More

This is one of the most beautiful layouts and if your garage is slightly spacious, then this door will be ideal. This layout has got more openings. If you have understood the nature layout, then this layout will automatically become a level better. There are equal number of openings in this layout. So, there are as many vertical stiles as horizontal ones in this style.

• Zen

The zen layout is another amazing style that you can have for your door. It looks unique than all the other layouts mentioned above. It will have a maximum width of 10’. The single vertical stile that exists in this layout is installed at a third of the total width. So, if you understand how the More layout looks, try erasing the second vertical stile and you will get the zen layout automatically.

Common layout sizes

The Californian styled garage doors are generally available in three different sizes. The layouts are designed according to the size of the layout. Here are the sizes mentioned below:
• 8’ to 9’3” ?” this is more like a squarish kind of size with the width slightly wider than the length. This is suitable for cars that are small in size.

• 9’4” to 12’3” ?” this is slightly wider than the above and is the most preferred size of people. It is considered the standard size for garage doors in California.

• 12’4” to 18” ?” it is the widest of all layouts and will look great if you have a wide garage and require a big garage door.

Choosing from different garage doors in California is quite easy. If you are aware of the size of the garage, then selecting a door won’t be a Herculean task.

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