Detached Garage Plans with Extra Living Space

Detached Garage Plans with Extra Living Space

Are you looking for a way to expand your living space without having to moveor go overboard with the actual size of your home? Plenty of homeowners are looking for ways to increase their living space but either don’t want to or can’t make changes to their existing home. This is exactly why detached garage plans have become so popular and mainstream.

So, what exactly is a detached garage plan and how could it work for you and your needs? The list of benefits and uses isactually quite large.

What is a Detached Garage?

While you may be familiar with house plans that have the garage attached to them, what you may not have noticed is properties that have a detached garage. A detached garage is exactly as the name implies, it is a structure that is self-standing and separate from your home and is meant for parking your car in it. Of course, homeowners may also choose to park an RV, boat, or motorcycle in it.

Add Additional Space to the Garage

While looking at various garage plans, you may want to consider something that offers additional space, above and beyond parking facilities. This is where something like a two-story garage can make sense. It’s not going to take additional space on your property, but it will double the space of the actual garage.

Now as for what you can do with that additional space, it really depends on the design. For some, it’s just meant to be additional storage. For others, it may be more useable space like an apartment that can be rented out, an art studio, a workshop, a hangout space for the kids, an office space, the possibilities are really quite endless.

Because the garage can be fully finished, just like your home, it tends to be pretty versatile. You can even insulate the space so it’s comfortable year-round if you choose.

Be Sure to Think About How You Will Use

Obviously, a detached garage is going to open up all kinds of storage and space opportunities for you, but with that said, you want to be pretty clear about how you plan to use it before you finalize thedesign and have it built. The last thing you want to do is go ahead with construction, only to discover it doesn’t fit your RV or it’s not the right configuration for a home office.

Associated Designs offers a huge variety of garage plans to browse. They can help spark ideas, inspiration, and provide you with what you need to move forward. You can even mimic the style of your home to create a sense of flow if you like.

Give Yourself the Additional Space You Need

A detached garage plan can really transform the way you use your house and just how spacious it feels. It can help by offering storage solutions, a place for your own home office and, of course, enough room to safely and securely park your vehicle(s).



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