Decorating your walls

Decorating your walls

Decorating the walls of the house is probably the most important because the walls are the ones that surround all the rooms. Even if the rest of the rest of the house is simply shaped, the wall can give tension or create the atmosphere we want.

The truth is how a simple white wall never impressed any culture. Even thousands of years ago, people were looking for ways to make their walls more visual. So the frame of each room can change the whole space, illuminate or make the space warmer and give the owner’s style in his place!

Huge frame with photos

There is nothing more personal than photos with our loved ones in decorating the walls of the house. In a place where the wall is white and empty, a huge frame full of our favorite photos will give us pleasure whenever we see it.

Art-painted walls painted with trees

An idea inspired by Italy is the visual walls. The painters who decorate these walls create a work of art in the houses they undertake. Trees and swallows give a touch of nature in space. If the base color is the white sugar, the room may look bigger!

Red wall and black and white paintings

If one wants to give luxury to his living room but in a simple way, he can combine black and white with red. The red color looks tricky but can be combined with black and white paintings and striped black and white sofas.

Gray Wallpaper Wallpaper

Gray was not once in the first preferences of home dyeing colors both internally and externally. Now more and more modern homes are gray and they support it! A gray wallpaper can be comfortably matched with gray, white and black furniture and makes the room stand out!

Wall paneling with wooden boards

Wood is a material that brings nature to our home. Wooden floors are always one of the best options, and so is the lining of the walls with wooden boards. Wooden boards can make the room look warmer, and is an ideal choice for most of the rooms in the house.

Concrete sleeping walls

Concrete or otherwise concrete is a mixture of materials with which buildings are built. It is a sure, powerful material that can ultimately be used for indoor interiors such as bedrooms.

Purple wall and large chandelier

The dark purple color may not like everyone or consider it a lot difficult, but it can make a room look luxurious! If combined with a large chandelier reminds expensive hotel suite!

Striped black and white wall

A striped black and white wall is never boring. It is an original idea for the bathroom wall and can be comfortably combined with mirrors and a black sink. Add a poster Copenhagen on that wall and the result will be amazing

Drawings with stencil and marker

Also in fashion is the gold color in the decoration, but also the stencils. This is a great idea to be able to combine these two trends without even having to grab a brush in your hands and get into the process of dirtying anything inside your home.

Decorating kitchen walls

For the kitchen, you can cut square and rectangular pieces of cardboard and stick on the sponge, but you will have cut it in circular pieces. In addition, you will still need a sponge to give the shape of the leaves of a fruit.

Next, you have to dip your round sponge into the paint by holding them from cardboard and then stamping them on your wall. Once dry, you can continue with the leaves.

Extra tip: To make your results even more impressive, you can use 3 different shades of orange for fruits and 2 different for their leaves.

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