Create decor envy by investing in rattan furniture – No longer just patio furniture!

Create decor envy by investing in rattan furniture – No longer just patio furniture!

No longer just used for patio furniture, rattan is gradually yet rapidly taking over as the trendiest material that is used for decorating homes. Rattan is derived from plants and it is one of the best materials that you can use for designing furniture, home accents and baskets. Not only can rattan be painted in any color but it is also extremely versatile and the weaving pattern of the material adds the lush texture to any place at which you place these furniture. There is a striking difference between wicker and rattan and once you know the differences between the two, you’ll know what is what.

Rattan furniture is made from a kind of material while wicker is the name given to the pattern of weaving the furniture. While it is confusing enough for people to confuse between the two terms, they actually say rattan when they mean wicker. So, here are the few benefits of using rattan furniture as your patio furniture.

  1. Rattan is hardy and versatile

Can you imagine that there are still rattan furniture which are there since the 1940s and 50s? If your grandparents had purchased rattan furniture during their times, you could still find them working perfectly fine and in great shape even today. In fact, you’ll be rather surprised to know that they are going to maintain their perfect shape even for the coming 50 years if the owner takes care of the furniture properly. The outdoor rattan furniture which you purchase will last for several generations. You can use them are different spaces like indoors and also at the patio. Check out Wicker Paradise for an array of rattan furniture.

  1. Rattan is eco-friendly

There’s no doubt about the fact that rattan is made from sustainable materials and hence it has a good impact on the environment. Rather than chopping down the entire trees to obtain materials with which the furniture is made, the manufacturer has got the best harvesters who just cut off the vines. These vines again grow back very fast. The forests have to be cleared entirely to obtain the wood for most of other furniture. On the contrary, rattan harvesters just clean off the vines so that the forests remain intact.

  1. Rattan furniture is resilient for outdoors

If you choose rattan furniture for your outdoors, you will never repent as this material has got a capability of enduring the sun rays without ruining the color and the texture of the material. Not only is it able to handle cold but it can also endure cold. So, regardless of whether you choose rattan for summer outdoors or winter indoors, it is going to stay as it is. The material has the power of withstanding harsh outdoor temperatures.

Therefore, now that you know the benefits of investing in rattan furniture, you may choose this material instead of opting for heavyweight wood furniture which is tough to carry from one place to another. With low maintenance, rattan can spend generations in your house.

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