Craftmade Expands Their Selection into Big Bold Colorful Choices

Craftmade Expands Their Selection into Big Bold Colorful Choices

Big, Bold Ceiling Fans

For more than 30 years Craftmade Ceiling Fans have proven to be one of the most highly dependable, durable, and energy saving fans on the market. With the recent trend in the ceiling fan industry to larger fans, Craftmade now welcomes and expands their selection into bigger, bolder and more colorful choices.

Make an Interior Design Statement

As the company expands into this wider variety of high-quality fan innovation, they have been able to create a significant ripple effect in the market. Their new fan series offers an eye-catching masterpiece of whatever preference you need as an individual be it laid-back, conventional or uber modern designs. Craftmade fan company offers designs that will be able to drastically transform the inside or outside appearance of your home.

Large, Modern Industrial Models

With their new large ceiling fans, like the 96” Colossus, you can be sure of a motor that is heavy duty and yet gives off a quiet and smooth performance. You will also have a good number of ways to control the start and speed functions due to the company including both a hand-held remote and an in-wall remote control with the fan. The powerful high-performanHome Xchce DC motor with die-cast aluminum rotors ensure to keep your ceiling fan running as cool as possible, while using a minimum amount of electricity. Thus, you’ll save tons off of your AC bill.

Ceiling Fan Accessories

Craftmade also offers accessories including downrods, controls, and light kits. From support braces and boxes, to unique pull chains and other hardware’s, Craftmade has got you covered. These accessories also have a way of bringing distinctive designer style to your living room, bedroom, kitchen and anywhere else.

Where to Buy

At Modern Fan Outlet, we believe that proper air circulation is key to a healthy and comfortable home, and that is what Craftmade ceiling fans provide while furnishing your home in such a beautiful and colorful way. And not only will this ceiling fan selection enhance your home’s décor, they will also add value to your home.

Bear in mind that these overhead fans from Craftmade offer a much larger variety of sizes, colors, and designs than most any other brand. There’s definitely something from them you’re going to love.

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