Concrete kitchens – The story behind the phenomenon

Concrete kitchens – The story behind the phenomenon

Today, homeowners are choosing to have a concrete worktop instead of the traditional one. Concrete worktops are great for the kitchens. It generally suits the kitchen as it only needs little maintenance. Moreover, when designing the kitchen, everything must be detailed. The final result from the unit and fittings to a color scheme must be both pleasant and practical.

Another thing that gives the overall functionality and looks is concrete worktops. There are various designs and materials when the option is concrete worktops. It is necessary to plan and think before deciding to have these concrete worktops because of its advantages and disadvantages. 

These are some things to consider before having these concrete worktops:

What is Concrete Worktop?

Simply put, concrete worktops as working surfaces made on concrete. Also, these are made of aggregate materials like sand, fly ash, and rocks. These materials are combined to a cement binder like limestone, and sulfate. Many people thought that concrete is just the same as a cement, but it is not. Usually, cement is only a part of creating a concrete.

How to Make and Install Concrete Worktops? 

The making and installing of concrete worktops come in two ways. The first opt precast concrete worktops, and the second option is to cast in place. These two installation and creation methods bring a positive and negative result.

Most people choose to have precast concrete worktops. These will be matched to the space or size and design of the kitchen because it is made to order.  Through the used of modern technology, these precast concrete worktops are made in a controlled environment. This gives a great result to the choice of the owner’s texture and color. Most precast ends up to high-quality concrete worktops. Every concrete worktop is handmade. This means it is just easy to customize its shapes and sizes. Also, it brings with perfect cutouts on the appliances, fittings, and especially on the sink. This kind of method creates a more range of concrete edge options for concrete worktops.

Sometimes, the precast concrete worktops have seams. This is not a bad thing. This only means that the concrete worktops will get some flex and can reduce the chance of cracking the natural shrinkage of the concrete causes that. When the precast concrete worktops are made, these will be transported in the home of the client. These will install in the kitchen by the well-skilled and experienced professionals. These precast concrete worktops are the best choice as clients can still use their kitchen until the installment of the concrete worktops.

The second opt is the onsite concrete worktops, also known as cast in place. These are home improvements in north wales that are made and installed directly in the client’s kitchen. This method is a better option for the irregular shape of a kitchen. Also, a better option for avoiding seams. The client does not need to worry as it does not need to be transported and installed. This only means that the kitchen must not be used until the concrete worktops are made. These concrete worktops look great in the kitchen. Just take the things above into considerations.

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