Choosing Wooden Flooring For A Clean And Healthy Home

Choosing Wooden Flooring For A Clean And Healthy Home

The flooring you invest in gives your home its identity and atmosphere. When choosing a floor homeowners should consider a non-toxic and durable floor to ensure it will create a healthy environment and safe indoor air quality. The flooring choice should take into consideration the estimated lifespan and maintenance to keep it in good condition.

More and more homeowners are turning to solid wood floors in Dubai. While you may prefer the appearance of wooden flooring, there are other benefits to installing hardwood floors in your home. 

It is a known fact that hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain. They require weekly mopping, sweeping and vacuuming, and once a year deep cleaning.  Just imagine not having to clean your floors often, which also means not harbouring dust mites and allergens. Wood flooring warehouse floors are resistant to stains and all it needs is a good wipe down.

One of the reasons why it requires low maintenance is that wooden floors are strong and durable. Even if a wood floor in Dubai gets scratched or dented all it takes is spot cleaning to remove the mark. Wood surfaces are hard and can last for decades.

Solid wood floors do not trap pollen, dust, allergens and animal dander. This helps increase the air quality in the home. Allergy sufferers often want to have solid floors as it is more effective than laminate and engineered floors in terms of air quality. While laminate floors do not have fiber that you can find on carpets, it still contains embossing and gout lines. This attracts dust heavily. And for homeowners looking for the best indoor air quality, it doesn’t get better than solid wood floors.

Did you know that hardwood floors are also an ecological choice? Trees re-grow and they help save the environment. They are fast growing which makes wood flooring in Dubai by Nordic homeworx more sustainable. Hardwood floors are eco-friendly and natural in the long-term. 

Homeowners often look at the value of their home when making investments and flooring is usually right on the top of that list. Solid wood floors add value to your home, giving you a higher re-sale value. When it comes to selling your home, people will be willing to pay more for a home with wooden floors than with just carpet flooring. In fact, some homeowners replace their carpet flooring when it comes to re-selling.

While other floors begin to look worn out and tired, hardwood floors will remain to look beautiful. They will add colour and aesthetics to your home, will never go out of style and last for generations. In fact, vintage hardwood floors from old architectural homes that have been around for hundreds of years still has its natural warmth and beauty.

Solid hardwood floors will suit any room with any décor, style, grains and colours. If remodeling your home, you can always re-stain the floors to match the current décor and style. It is also good to note that solid wood floors match nearly everything, which means it does not become an expensive update.

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