Choosing The Right Paint  

Choosing The Right Paint  

A beautiful, well-built home cannot be considered complete without a good paint job. Whether it is for protection against changing climatic conditions or from wood rot, or for its aesthetic value, it goes without mention that the right paint choice is something of a necessity. A wrong paint choice is a waste of time and resources and is also an eyesore.

Choosing the right paint goes beyond just color. Other factors such as sheen and room size are also to be considered when making your pick.

These days, there are plenty of paint colors to choose from Chicago paint stores. If unsure, you can sample a few by painting a small, experimental space on a wall and letting it sit there for a couple of days to see if you like it. Another option is to ask your friends and family for a second opinion. Also, the furniture and accessories in the room can guide you. It is important for both the color of the wall paint and the furniture, and accessories to complement each other for an ambient, inviting feel.

Bear in mind that room size also matters when picking a paint color for your home. Dark colors such as blue or green tend to make a room feel small and more compact and add some comfort while light colors like white add some ‘size’ to the dimensions of a room. For an airy, peaceful feel to the room, try a color for the ceiling that is shades lighter than the one coating the walls.

Sheen, or luster in simpler terms, refers to brightness, in this case, of a coat of paint. A glossier coat of paint with more sheen is easier to clean and maintain and is therefore recommended for interiors, especially kitchens and bathrooms and high-traffic areas such as kids or family rooms. For the exteriors, an emulsion coating is recommended for a textured, more durable finish.

Some paints designed for exteriors do a very good job of keeping your walls protected from harsh sun rays, some even contain fungicides for prevention against attack by moss and other fungi that will make your walls look unsightly and uninviting.

A budget also plays a huge role in guiding on choosing the right paint. The best paints are of the highest quality, they create the best-looking finishes, are more resistant to stain and last longer. However, they are the priciest compared to cheap brands that tend to be expensive in the long run. Ask for expert advice from a trusted paint shop for a good paint that fits your budget and that will work for you.


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