Gutters are a crucial part of every household. It is what carries out free flow of water, preventing water logging which in turn prevents water damage. Choosing the right material for your gutter is a difficult and an important decision to make. The two most popular choices available are steel and aluminum. Apart from that one can also choose from vinyl and copper. Your roofing company Oakville, will help you determine which type of material would be perfect for your gutter. Following are the pros and cons for both material, to help you make a better choice.

Why and Why not Aluminum?

Aluminum is a light weight metal, because of which it is easier to work with and far easier to install. Having a high resistance to rusting, it gives the metal a long life which can easily be made longer with proper care. Though the life span is longer, the cost of installing an aluminum gutter is higher than that of steel but lower than that of copper gutters.

On the other hand, as it is a light weight metal and the sheets are a lot thinner, it is extremely prone to denting. As gutters are not inside the house, they become prone to getting hit by branches and animals, or even the leaning of a ladder against it, can tend the gutter. Not only this, Aluminum can withstand winter well, being a very good conductor of heat, when there is a rapid change in the temperatures the gutter pipe can crack and split.

Why and Why not steel?

One of the reasons why you should opt for steel gutters is that the installation of steel pipes is cheaper than those of aluminum. While going for a steel gutter, there are two options which are available galvanized steel and stainless steel. Stainless steel has a longer life than galvanized steel, which is a cheaper option. Steel is more durable and does not damage as easily as aluminum. Fluctuation in temperature does not have any effect on steel. Stainless steel rarely rusts.

The downside of having steel gutters is that, even though they are rust free, one has to constantly keep a look out for zinc holes which lead to rusting. However, galvanized steel is more prone to rusting than stainless steel, which barely ever rusts. The maintenance of steel gutters is a lot more complicated than aluminum. As steel is heavier, it is more cumbersome to install them.

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