CBR Testing Explained – the key facts and figures

CBR Testing Explained – the key facts and figures

The CBR Testing or California Bearing Ratio happens to be a specific evaluation that is used for determining the robustness of the ground, prior to the construction of highways or putting down the pavements. This testing is among the most popular as well as effective testing, conducted in contemporary times. The method was developed by the Department of Transportation, California, after the Second World War. This evaluation is conducted in 2 different ways, however, the best approach will be to evaluate the extent of pressure on the base course and Subgrades of the ground, before commencing the construction of new structures.

A testing that is completely unique and exclusive

The construction industry in contemporary times is familiar with various testing. However, this testing is completely different in its format as well as the objective that it aims to address. CBR is an evaluation method that is specifically meant for the highways. For more information about this test, you can visit the website of gannanvhy, where all the necessary and relevant facts and figures have been piled for you.

Another aspect of this testing that will be especially relevant to state is that it gives you complete liberty to decide on the venue for conducting the test. Considering your spending plan, testing needs, construction plans and time commitments, you can decide, whether to run the test on the actual site or analyze the soil samples in the laboratory. Both these formats will serve you an accurate result and hence, the choice of the testing venue as per your convenience.

You can make an accurate foresight about the upcoming Water conditions

In instances, you decide to test the soil samples, you are at complete liberty of adding or subtracting water, in the course the testing that will enable you to get a realistic foresight about the forthcoming Water conditions. It implies, if the testing is conducted on a dry day, however, the area receives high extent of rainfall, you can add more water to the sample to find the outcome, likely to happen during the rainy days.

Though the CBR process primarily aims to test the subgrade, however, the testing produce equally delightful results, while it is applied for testing other materials. The testing takes bare minimum time and you will have to incur minimum expenses for conducting this test. Most importantly, the testing requires the minimum testing equipment.


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