Basic Guide to Residential Renovations NJ

Basic Guide to Residential Renovations NJ

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) New Jersey, single family homes cost continues to rise in epic proportions. With the cost of new homes escalating to new heights owners of existing homes look to interior renovations NJ of existing homes to increase overall value. As with most existing homes, kitchen and bathroom remodels add the most value increasing the overall appraisal value of an existing single-family home, up to$10,000.00 (ten thousand) dollars per room or more, depending on the extent of the renovation and the finishing materials selected.

The following steps are a basic guide to residential renovation NJ:

  1. Selecting a Plan

Before considering any kitchen remodel NJ or bathroom remodel NJ, careful planning and design features must be taken into consideration in order to eliminate excessive delays and cost overruns. Selecting the design of the interior renovations NJ is crucial as costs of materials and labor can add up very quickly if not monitored closely. Set a budget for the interior renovations NJ that is to be done and stick to it with close daily monitoring.

Building/renovation plans should be drawn by a professional architect or experienced CAD (Computer Animated Design) specialists. These plans will have to be submitted to the city building department for approval. Once the finalized plans have been approved by a qualified city building inspector, a building permit will be then issued.


Do not attempt any interior renovations NJ without the proper building permit. Severe monetary penalties can be levied against the property where the work is being performed.

  1. Contractor Selection

 Upon approval of interior renovation NJ plans by the city building department, seek out a qualified and competent, experienced licensed general contractor to submit “free” bids for both the kitchen remodel NJ and bathroom remodel NJ. Ask friends and neighbors for a recommendation. A good source of finding a qualified licensed contractor is the BBB (Better Business Bureau) website for your area. There are also home advisors, as seen on TV, which have general contractors pre-screened, eliminating a long and tedious task, typically conducted by the homeowner.

Note: ALL interior renovations NJ are to be completed by a licensed contractor in the respective state where the work is to be performed. No exceptions!

  1. Finishing Material Selection

Predominately the downfall of many residential renovations NJ, specifically kitchen remodel NJ and bathroom remodel NJ is cost over-runs on finishing material selections. Buying finishing materials from a big box home improvement store may seem like a good idea however not always a practical decision. Spending a few dollars more for a higher grade of durable finishing materials will last longer and money well spent.

By following the basic guide to interior renovations NJ, your new kitchen remodel NJ and bathroom remodel NJ will be the envy of the neighborhood. Interior renovations NJ adds intrinsic value to an existing home while by restoring peace, tranquility and harmony without disruption of deep rooted family ties and precious memories.

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