Autonomous ErgoStool: A New Way to Work

Autonomous ErgoStool: A New Way to Work

An efficient workplace is essential for a profitable position in the professional world. Employees are constantly being asked to adapt and change to the times and trends. Lately, the last decade or so has seen technological advance like never before. There are a number of tools in the workplace that never existed even 5 years ago, let alone 15 or 20. For many workers, the job on day one and the job today look like very different scenarios. Because of this, workers are feeling the effects of a longer, busier workday. How can these changes negatively affect work?

The Threat of Too Much in the Workplace

The threat of too much in the workplace is real and felt by many employees. Technology and the growing global marketplace make it tough to keep up. That’s why so many employers look for ways to stay ahead and keep moving through even the most trying times. For a simple solution, many look to the work environment itself. If a worker is overtired or stressed, the first place it will show up is the workstation or office. Things like clutter or disorganization are tell tale signs things are a mess. So are complaints about back or neck pains. The work might not be causing physical harm to staffers, but office chairs may be. That’s why many companies are looking for a new way to work with Autonomous.


Autonomous ErgoStool: Equipped for Today’s Working World

The Autonomous ecommerce brand is an incredible innovative company. The perfect example of the strides made in office furniture in their research is the ErgoStool. A stool is often pictured to be a bar or breakfast island in a house, but stools are actually quite ergonomic. The two most detrimental things to an individual at the office is a backrest and the stiff nature of a traditional office chair. The ErgoStool answers both of these questions easily. The backrest found on many office chairs are detrimental to proper posture and support for the neck, back, and lower body. Rather than worry about the pains that come from an office chair, the ErgoStool takes care of these things by eliminating the backrest altogether.

Likewise, the flexible nature of the ErgoStool is the reason why the body stays so loose throughout the day. For more than one reason, the body enjoys being able to move. Doing so in an office chair can be noisy and distracting. Sliding back and forth is a largely unaccepted practice at a desk, but swaying with the ErgoStool is hardly noticeable. The body shifts weight as needed, keeping every limb and muscle feeling good.


At under $100, the ErgoStool provides an economic solution to the problems of the office chair. In different colors to match office styles and decor, the stool does not stand out. On the contrary, it makes a perfect fit for any office and keeps employees happier than ever. Autonomous knows furniture for the office, and the ErgoStool is some of their best work.

Shop Autonomous for a Better Office Experience

There are a number of factors that go into the work day. A big one that is constantly overlooked is office furniture and employee comfort and support. Autonomous offers a solution to this issue with the ErgoStool and other chairs and accessories. Any Autonomous office chair, including the ErgoStool, is going to exponentially improve performance. Likewise, employees will report better days and results thanks to the support and posture perfecting design of Autonomous products. Rather than focus on what is wrong, employees focus on the here and now thanks to Autonomous. Shop Autonomous for better office experiences and happier employees. check this out

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