Automotive Hose Fittings: Different Types Available

Automotive Hose Fittings: Different Types Available

Automotive hose fittings are used in air brake systems. They work as hose connectors and are not used in an application where temperatures may grow above 200 degrees. They are also not supposed to come into contact with battery acid and cannot be used with air hoses.

There are many types of hose fitting available including:

Hose Fittings

With a high resistance from vibrational damage, the quick to connect Push-On Hose fittings are manufactured explicitly for low and medium pressure.

Clamp Style Hose Fittings are used with a multi-purpose hose, and their make is used to absorb low pressure.

Hydraulic Brake Fittings

These fittings are plated with zinc with the aim of preventing galvanic erosion. Their adapters are used to adapt the brake lines to the different size ports to ensure metric sizing for the latest vehicle models.

Inverted Flared Tube Fittings

These tube fittings are designed for use with brass, copper, and aluminium and per SAEJ512. A long nut is used to adapt to the excessive vibrations.

Dealer Fitting Assortments

These are designed for car dealers, fleet maintenance facilities, and service stations. They are inclusive of fastest moving fittings, see-through boxes and packaged in shatter-resistant. They can be easily identified and selected by an easy to read locator.

Special Fittings

The special fittings include carburettor adapters, fuel line adapters, and oil filter adapters. For the latest model fuel injected cars, fuel injection fittings which are also special fittings are used. Because of a variety of materials and fittings used, pressure and temperature proportions are not considered.

The importance of automotive hose fittings can only be appreciated for all the world economies. Their influence is in helping machines work efficiently.

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