All you need to Know about Pest Control

All you need to Know about Pest Control

There are a lot of fun things that come to mind when you think of summer – summer vacations, more time spent outdoors, beautiful and colorful gardens and so much more. However, there are also other less fun things that are associated with summer – pests.

Although pests may try to creep to your house at any point during the cold months, a majority of them become more active and a nuisance during the warm months, possibly making your home, yard or office unbearable. Whether inside or outside your business or home, pests can infest and cause lots of damage, that’s why it is essential that they are dealt with as soon as they rear their head.

Some pests, like rodents, roaches and mosquitoes carry diseases, while others like termites cause millions of dollars of damage. So what can you do about these pests?

Well, some people try to DIY, while others prefer to leave it to the Pest Control experts like Power Pest Control. The option you settle for will largely depend on the size and type of the pest infestation. However, since it’s always better to be safe than sorry, we recommend that you let the experts do what they know how to do.

When to call a professional pest exterminator

You can keep pest off your premise by practicing good housekeeping habits, like keeping your home clean and clearing any leftovers and crumbs from the surface. Sealing cracks and crevices is also a great way to ensure these pests don’t get access to your house. When faced with an invasion, consider the following to establish whether it’s time to call a pro.

Signs of pests

The right time to call a professional exterminator is as soon as you realize you have uninvited guests in the form of pests in your home. Well, other than spotting them in person, there are different ways to determine an invasion. For instance, you’ll see droppings or smell urine. You also may realize some noise from the ceiling or between the walls. All these are signs that your home is under attack.

Property damage

Pests like rodents are known to chew through things like electric wires, documents, and rugs, and termites, structural beams and even parts of the wall. If their invasion gets out of hand or remains unnoticed for an extended time, then we are talking about millions of dollars in repair and replacement costs. In either case, the best course of action that you can take is to call a pest control expert who’ll help address the issue.

DIY fails

If you’ve tried to get rid of the pests by yourself, but after a while, you still realize pest activity, then you may want to consider bringing in an expert. Remember, these pros have years of experience getting rid of pests. They also carry job-specific tools and technology to help uncover the pests’ breeding grounds, and the right products to exterminate these pests forever. So, instead of muddling, it’s easier, cheaper and surer to let them do the work.

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