All about selecting the right sofa for your living room!

All about selecting the right sofa for your living room!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that furniture is the most critical element of the living room. It needs to be functional, stylish and should add to the theme and décor in the right away. Beyond a doubt, the most important of all furniture items is the sofa. Contemporary homeowners have a bunch of high-end brands like Le Studio Luminaires, which offer varied styles of sofa, but which one should you choose? In this simple post, we take a look at the trending sofa styles.

The best ones!

  • A classic that can fit into any contemporary home, chesterfield sofa is probably the most-loved styles among all. The nice use of stitches and rolled arms creates an instant appeal, which is hard to ignore. There’s also a bunch of colors and fabrics to choose from, and if you can pick something in an accenting color, it can be the ideal center of the living room.
  • Track arm. Also known as the arm chair by many, the track arm sofa boasts of the perfect square arms, which adds to the geometry of the space. Add in a few comfy and contrasting cushions, and you can have a couch that will be loved by the entire family.
  • Also called the day bed by some, the chaise is an instant classic for modern homes. It usually looks like an elegant bed, which may or may not have a back but usually has one arm. You can use this as an accenting item for one of the sides.
  • Different sleeper sofas. These are also called sofa-cum-beds and blend the best of functionality and style. When you have a small home, you can use this as a dual-purpose furniture. The best ones can change shapes when you want a bed, while others can be a regular pull-out – the choice is yours.
  • If you prefer more multidimensional sofa, this is what you need. Sectional Sofas can be arranged as required, and usually, these are shaped as L or U. These are more ideal for big living rooms, where you want to visually differentiate the place.

Additionally, many brands are working on blending styles, to come up with designs that don’t follow a single norm. High-end and luxury brands often have space defining sofas that break the regular norms and create a dimension of their own. You can choose to experiment, as long as functional aspects are met.

Other things to note

First and foremost, consider the space you have. For example, a sectional isn’t the best choice for an apartment with small living. If you already have the décor in place, just make sure that new sofa fits and blends into the interiors. There can be two different approaches to this. The first one is to just pick up a sofa that coordinates with the interior theme and color, while the other choice is to go for something contrasting that redefines your entire living room. Sofas don’t always have to be extremely huge – A small couch for two is also comforting and appealing at times.

Consider the sofa as an investment for your living room, for which stretching your budget isn’t a bad idea. You may want to rethink the practical problems, but if a product fits your home, get it right away.

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