Advantages of Living in a Penthouse

Advantages of Living in a Penthouse

In the real estate world, a penthouse is a large condo that sits on the top most floor of an apartment building. An apartment complex may have a number of buildings hence there will often be more than one penthouse in such a case. A penthouse brings the thought of luxury and tall high-rise buildings, which could be the exact description of your next home if you pay attention to the pros.

 Recent trends in real estate show the prevalence of more than on penthouse in one apartment building, which promises a difference in features in the two or three penthouses. Experts advise that you should be careful when buying a non-exclusive penthouse since you may be paying for fluff whereby the alleged penthouses have no clear distinction with the other condos in the building.

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Luxury living

Penthouses often have exclusive features and designs that are different from the other condos in the building. A penthouse is designed to provide top-notch quality in terms of furnishing and amenities in order to satisfy the luxury living claim. For starters, a penthouse covers the entire top floor of a building meaning that it has a large interior living space. Penthouses come with exquisite features that may include an indoor pool, floor to ceiling glass walls, high ceilings, and a private elevator that opens up to the penthouse.

Penthouses have an outdoor terrace that provides a great location to host parties and casual meetings. Your guests will enjoy skyline views of the city.

Prime location

Most penthouses are found in high-rise buildings located at the heart of the city or in a serene setting that seeks to take advantage of spectacular views. The prime location often comes with a hefty price tag but the stunning and often unobstructed views are worth every dime. The prime location of a penthouse gives a homeowner access to exciting city life and unending adventures depending on the actual location.

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Living in a penthouse means that you occupy the top most floor with no neighbors at the top or to the side of your house. This provides maximum privacy even when you have glass walls. The position of the house also provides quietness since you will no experience noise from the neighbors or from the busy streets down below. As such, a penthouse is a great place to raise a family with young children.

The fact that an apartment building may have only one penthouse means that this type of houses are often in high demand and the sale value is usually 5-10% more than the other condos in the building. As such, the property will be an investment that you can bank on in future.


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