Addressing the challenges of flat and pitched roofs

Addressing the challenges of flat and pitched roofs

Both flat and pitched roofs have their own pros and cons. While flat roofs are easier to install, cheaper and in line with the contemporary design and architecture of the house, they are more difficult to maintain due to high instances of water pooling and therefore, higher chances of seepage. On the other hand, pitched roofs are easier to maintain, more durable and long lasting but are more costly and require different types of materials depending upon the location.

Although most of the initial setup challenges can be addressed, recurring expenses of maintenance are the ones that also need to be considered before the final decision. Not only is maintenance required for the roof on a regular basis, but the use of inapt materials may also lead to damage to the structural integrity of the house.

How to address these challenges?

One way to address the issue of frequent maintenance expenses is to use elastomeric roof coating. The coating is essential to protect the damage done by water pooling and to prevent water from penetrating into the building. The elastomer paint helps in filling up small hairline cracks which may be the key source of water seepage. Also, the coating can be used on multiple materials including wood and is more long-lastingthan normal acrylic paint.

How much does the coating last?

Because of the fact that the coating expands in the heat and helps fill up the crack in the roof, it lasts longer than the traditional non-rubberized or asphalt coating. Elastomeric coating lasts more than 15 years if done in a proper manner by a certified professional.

How much does the coating cost?

Typically, the cost of coating the roof with elastomeric materials varies between USD 3 to USD 5 per square foot. This may or may not include the labor and materials cost as per the vendor or company involved in the installation. It would also depend on the variant of the paint whether one is looking at a black paint or a more reflective white paint.

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