Acrylic Painting Techniques All Beginners Should Try

Acrylic Painting Techniques All Beginners Should Try

You can begin your artistic journey by applying some simple acrylic painting principles. First, you need to get all required materials and work surface ready before exploring the various techniques that can be adopted to put paints on materials such as paper or canvas. You don’t have to work yourself up because it is actually fun at the beginner stage of painting using acrylic paints. We will guide you on some basic principles to follow when mixing colors, applying paint as well as building paint to keep you learning fast and smart. And soon you will see your paintings as bright and amazing like the ones done by professionals like Big Acrylic.

Techniques For Mixing Colors

You can simply mix selected colors using a palette and a knife and you tend to discover and learn new creative ways of mixing colors with time.  Some creative ways of mixing colors include

  • Partially mixing the colors with your palette and knife to give a brief mix. Painting with this partial mixture gives fascinating results on surfaces applied to.
  • Pre-mix a family of colors or tones before painting. This gives you varying shades of color tones to work with and it enhances your creativity using acrylic paints.

Techniques For Applying Paint

There are varieties of styles that can be adopted as a beginner once you have your acrylic paint, brush, and paper to work with. Some techniques to apply paint on papers include

  • Using dry brush– When painting on dry surfaces is done using a dry brush and an undiluted paint, a thick current of color is created on it. Irregular lines with thick edges are what you get and this supports creativity in terms of line movement and texture.
  • Washing- Translucency can be achieved by mixing acrylic paints with enough water and the results can be likened to watercolors. However, acrylic paints set permanently when applied as washes on surfaces, unlike the easily fading watercolors.
  • Splattering– You can splatter paints on surfaces using a fairly wet brush to add texture to a piece.

Techniques For Building A Painting

Regular use of some basic techniques for building painting widens your horizon of creativity. Your skills become horned with time and you eventually become a master with painting using acrylic paints. Some basic techniques to embrace include

  • Under painting– You can be creative with acrylic paints by sketching out an image on a palette with paint. But ensure the colors used to make the sketch contrasts that of the palette and any under painting can be concealed using an opaque acrylic. However, you can allow some part shine through for better effect.
  • Glazing– You can mix acrylic paints with a little matte medium to create luminous scenes on paintings. Continue painting in thin layers until you achieve a rich, complex color.


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