A Few Great Ideas for Creating Whiskey Barrel Furniture

A Few Great Ideas for Creating Whiskey Barrel Furniture

Many of you might have old whiskey barrels lying unutilized at home. If you have plenty of them then with the help a crafty carpenter you can create beautiful furniture from them. That will not only change the environment of the surrounding, but you will love to use such furniture at any place of your home.

Let us explore few ideas in this small write up by using your old whiskey barrel that is already outdated in present day’s choice.

  • Adirondack chair

Your carpenter can easily make this kind of chair where he has to do least amount of work. Most of the barrels can be used for creating such kind of chair. It is assured that by using this kind of chair you will have no difficulty in using them at your home. In fact, most of the people create such chairs out of old whiskey barrel.

  • Coffee table

You must have seen this idea has been used in many households. All that you need to do is cut the barrel into half and that becomes very good storage place for most of the households. Do not allow your carpenter to mix any other type of wood while designing such table otherwise it may not look very graceful. However, for table top you can select a seasoned white oak. The whiskey barrel woods go well with the table top.

  • Cutting boards and platters

If you are planning to create a number of different furniture out of whiskey barrel then you need not visit any Hungarian Workshop as there will be number of cut pieces available for you to generate new ideas of smaller project. You can use different cut pieces of your whiskey barrel and convert them into stylish piece of platter. If your carpenter has little creative ideas then he can surely create a unique platter out of it.

  • Create chairs and tables

Your carpenter can certainly find some innovative ideas to create nice chairs out of whiskey barrel which can be structurally sound and you can sit on them without feeling any kinds of discomfort. Similarly, by using various cut pieces that you can collect after your major items are finished, you can create few attractive tables out of them.

Hope the above mentioned ideas have stimulated your mind to think about many other creative ideas to make new furniture.

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