7 Surefire Signs Your House Needs New Windows

7 Surefire Signs Your House Needs New Windows

As all homeowners can attest, nothing lasts forever. From appliances to home components like air filters, everything has an expiration date. Just like food, common household items and features must be replaced from time to time to ensure the home is a safe environment for all.

The same could be said for big-ticket, investment home improvement projects, like upgrading your home’s windows to energy saving windows.

Even if your windows have been well-maintained over the years, the acceptable lifetime for most windows is usually around 25 years, but various factors may play a role in hastening window deterioration.

Your windows may not directly speak to you, but if you pay close attention, your home’s windows will speak to you through the signs listed below.

1. Difficulty opening and/or closing windows

If your windows open and close with difficulty, it may be time to replace them. Not only are impaired windows susceptible to increasing your energy bills, but they can also pose a safety risk. Windows that don’t open and close smoothly can pose a serious hazard, particularly in the event of a fire.

2. Visible damage

A visual inspection of your current windows will often dictate what solution is best for the problem. Minor problems such as worn weatherstripping can be resolved with a minor repair. But windows that are warped, cracked or damaged are better suited with a replacement option rather than a repair one.

Even if you can repair your windows to be operable again, in a very short time, they can develop further problems that can exacerbate your finances and time.

3. Higher energy bill

In climates with distinct seasons, your windows play a pivotal role in your home’s heating. If your current windows aren’t high-quality and energy-efficient, it may be time for a change.

The energy efficiency in windows like triple glazed windows can result in substantial energy cost savings. While considered a significant investment, updating your current windows to energy-efficient ones can, on average, result in 5%-10% savings on energy bills annually.

4. Formation of condensation

The appearance of condensation on your windows can present more problems than just increasing your heating and cooling bills. When condensation on your windows occurs, particularly on old windows, moisture can enter the home.

This can result in the growth of mold in your home, putting you and your family at risk of developing significant health issues. Homes in areas with extreme cold and warm weather are particularly susceptible to the formation of condensation.

5. Natural aging

Age wears everything down. Despite being designed to be resilient, your windows’ ability to improve the comfort and energy usage of your home can deteriorate due to old age. Windows that have naturally aged over the years will eventually look worn and distressed, impacting your home’s curb appeal.

6. Increased outside noise

When outside noise becomes increasingly evident despite your windows being closed, it may be time to replace them. Hearing a lot of outside noise can indicate that your windows no longer provide significant acoustic insulation.

Your home should be your oasis. Excess noise can have physical and psychological consequences that can disrupt the dynamics and comfort of your home.

7. The desire to give your home a makeover

One of the most surefire signs that it’s time to replace your windows is the desire to give your home a makeover. Your home’s windows are a prominent feature that can improve or detract from its curb appeal.

Their design and current state should be considered when upgrading your home’s appearance. Whether it’s upgrading to a new modern white kitchen or doing exterior renovations, replacing your windows can provide your home with aesthetic and design benefits.

Is now the time?

Your home is your biggest investment, and more often than not, it’s particularly communicative. Are your windows no longer able to filter excess noise, shield your home from extreme weather, or enhance your home’s curb appeal?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then it may be time to give your windows a fresh, new, energy-efficient look. Look for the signs listed here. They may be indicating serious problems you’ve overlooked.

Carmen Velilla is an experienced Brand Manager currently overseeing the strategic development of multiple brands as part of the Epwin Group. She is an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (ACIM), specializing in Corporate Communication and Digital Marketing.

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