6 of the Hottest Home and Interior Trends for Spring-Summer 2019

6 of the Hottest Home and Interior Trends for Spring-Summer 2019

With the change in seasons comes the change in design trends, this is where an interior designer Chester can be very helpful. With the main focus for these seasons being sustainable and incorporating natural materials where possible. As with all new trends there are of course some stunning colours to play with, but when it comes down to the interior decoration; the emphasis is definitely on choosing designs that are classic and long-lasting.


Based on the theory of slow living, with extra emphasis on natural materials – this is all about mixing textures to create a cosy feel, mixing with tactile throws and cushions. Sourcing one-of-a-kind pieces made from natural materials such as wood or ethical cotton; appreciating beautiful artisan craftsmanship. Sustainable handmade pieces are on the rise for 2019, it’s a way of feeling more in touch with the earth and their roots.

Open Shelving

Instead of hiding everything away, it’s now a trend to have you possessions on show. For example, this works incredibly well in the kitchen – invest in some glass and/or ceramic jars of varying size and shape. Clear wall space is fast becoming a popular choice, even in smaller spaces. People are choosing to have lower cabinets, but open shelving above it, adding the shelving in metals and other styles in order to act as a design accent to the main scheme.

Raw & Unfinished

Instead of choosing styles that are considered ‘disposable’, opt instead for classic designs be it in shutters, chairs, tables or any other type of staple furniture. By opting for classics that will stand the test of time, you are being environmentally friendly – by choosing styles with the coveted unfinished look, you will add extra depth to your interior or exterior.


Organic style ceramics with subtle patterns, textures and artisinal elements are becoming increasingly more popular for this summer. Look for more natural colours, from an earthy colour palette. Fill the beautiful vases or jugs with gorgeous blooms and foraged stems to complete the styling.


These stunning hues have been the absolute go-to shade over warmer months in our homes – people are no longer content to just have a small pop of mustard in their homes. There has been a shift towards larger investment pieces of furniture, these pieces give a welcome refresh of colour to living spaces.


Straight from the 70s, taking a graphic turn and mixing this with an earthy colour palette, with geometric prints and natural materials. Follow the mantra, ‘less is more’, don’t over clutter, and pick out an accent colour. Items such as macramé planters can be found throughout, complimented by accent colours and statement lighting.

With plenty to choose from for Spring/Summer 2019, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The key trends to focus on have to be the overriding theme of sustainability with a drive towards purchasing from smaller retailers and independent designers and creatives. Whilst also remembering the key emphasis on natural colours and that classic designs age beautifully, and will retain their style for many years to come. If you need advice on how to redesign the interior of your home or are looking to make any home improvements, don’t hesitate to contact a professional interior designer.

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