6 Details You Must Know Before Hiring Overland Park Plumbers

6 Details You Must Know Before Hiring Overland Park Plumbers

Settling on the choice of a plumber for your home’s needs is an important task that should not be rushed. Plumbers repair and maintain some of the most key services in the home such as water heater, faucets, and toilets. Therefore, it is important that you take your time to know a little more about your candidate plumbers. Here are six details which you should find out before hiring a plumber.

  1.  Training

It is a fact that most of the plumbers are trained to some extent. However, there are regional requirements and competency levels that are to be met by plumbers. Overland Park plumbers are classified into three different categories denoting their level of training. There are Master plumbers, journeyman plumbers, and apprentice plumbers.

The master plumbers, as the name suggests, are veterans in the industry with over ten years’ experience. They have at least an associate degree and has shown prowess in the theoretical as well as practical aspects of the job. Apprentice plumbers are undergoing training. Journeymen are of the class between these two extremes. The higher the level of experience, the higher the cost per hour.

  1.  Understand Your Need

Since the higher the level of expertise a plumber has, the higher their chargers will be, it is important to understand your true needs. If you only need a simple plumbing work, there is no point paying more for a master plumber when the apprentice can do it with the same quality.

  1.  Licensing and Filed Complaints

Unlike other states in the US, Kansas State regulations do not insist of plumbers being licensed. Therefore, your only option is to check if there have been any complaints filed against any of the Overland Park plumbers on your list.

  1.  Insurance

In all states, plumbers are required to have insurance cover. It protects your property against accidents and damages that the individual or company may cause to your property. Hiring an uninsured plumber, therefore, put your property at risk.

  1.  Pricing and Payment Terms

Once you have made the details of the task plain, the plumber should be able to come up with price estimates which should include material and labor. “Get at least three estimates,” might be a cliché but it is an important one. Knowing what each one charge gives you a better understanding of the economic aspect of the task. However, do not always pick the lowest quotation, they may be planning to use inferior materials or cut corners.

  1.  Warranty

A good plumber should be able to guarantee the work he has done as well as the parts used. Normally, the guarantee should be for twelve months. Do not settle on any of the Overland Park plumbers until you find one who is good enough to guarantee its work.

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